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Layanan Kredit Tanpa Agunan online 24 jam

24 hours

Kredit Tanpa Agunan hanya 60 detik

Approval in
60 Seconds

Kredit tanpa agunan tanpa dokumen fisik

hardcopy document

Atur jumlah kredit tanpa agunan (KTA)

Your Loan Amount

kredit tanpa agunan cair hingga 80juta

Limits up to
IDR 80 million

cicilan kredit tanpa agunan hingga 32 bulan

Installments up to
36 months



Terms & Conditions


How to Apply digibank Unsecured Loan

  1. . Click “Apply here” on this page and fill in your personal data completely.
    Tips to avoid scammers: Please pay attention to the URL address listed on your browser. Our official page always starts with https://secure.id.dbsdigibank.com/
  1. Get approved in 60 seconds.
    Please do not close or switch screens (website or app) for a smoother experience in the approval process.
  1. Select your preferred loan amount and installments, then create a digibank account & password.
    Security tips: Create a password that can’t be easily guessed and use different passwords on other applications.
  1. Fill in and complete your data. Then, make an appointment with our agent for biometric verification for loan disbursement account opening purposes.
    Keep your data confidential and don’t let someone else to fill it for you!
  1. Your loan is ready to be disbursed.
Psst.. Keep your data confidential and don't let other people fill out your loan application form! We will never ask for your OTP code or password for all transactions. Remember, do not share your OTP code or password with anyone, including those who claim to be “digibank”.
Please also note that we will never ask for any fee related to opening a digibank account. If there is anything suspicious during your loan application, report it to the DBSI Customer Center at 0804 1500 327.




All you need to know about digibank KTA

What are the requirements to get a digibank KTA loan limit?

General Criteria

Employees and Entrepreneurs

Indonesian citizen between 21 – 55 years old


Minimum gross income per month

IDR 5,000,000

Minimum credit card limit (if any)

IDR 7,000,000

Minimum length of business/work

1 year (or 2 years of business if self-employed)

Minimum period of active credit card at another bank/institution

have an active credit card for at least 1 year


Jabodetabek, Bandung, Surabaya, Semarang, Medan

How much is the interest and fee?

Interest Fee (flat/month)*

0,95% - 3,29%

Admin Fee**

IDR 200,000 - IDR 399,000

1st year Fee **

1,75% of the loan amount

2nd year Fee Onwards ***

IDR 65,000

Late Fee

IDR 150,000 – IDR 250,000 or 6% from loan amount (whichever is higher)

Expedited Repayment Fee


Stamp Fee ****

IDR 10,000

Overpayment Refund Fee

IDR 150,000

Overpayment Administration Fee*****

IDR 100,000

Service Fee******

IDR 10,000

* Interest above is indicative interest per month. Interest calculation depends on the principal component of the loan, the interest rate per year and the installment period (in months) as stated in the Credit Agreement when the digibank Personal Loan Facility is approved.
** Fees will be deducted 1 (one) time in advance from the total loan approved by PT Bank DBS Indonesia.
*** Added to the payment of the 13th month installment and/or 25th month installment and/or so on.
**** Charged when applying for and disbursing KTA (above IDR 5,000,000 (five million Rupiah)).

How do you pay the instalment of digibank KTA?
  1. Auto-debit
    1. Fill in your digibank savings account balance via the transfer / interbank transfer menu at ATM Bersama / Prima or Mobile / Internet Banking
    2. Select PT Bank DBS Indonesia as the beneficiary bank or enter bank code 046 and enter bank code 046 followed by your digibank savings account number. Example: 046 + Your digibank savings account number
    3. Follow the next instructions.
    4. To view your digibank savings account number, click "View Account" on the main page of the digibank by DBS Application
  2. ATM Bersama / Prima Network
    1. Select "Transfer/overbooking" and enter the Bank Code followed by the Destination Account Number. Example: 046 + your digibank KTA Loan Account Number
    2. Follow the next Instruction
  3. Indomaret outlets
    1. Mention your digibank savings account number or your digibank KTA loan number to the Indomaret cashier.
    2. Confirm the digibank savings account number or digibank KTA loan number and make sure the amount billed is correct.
    3. Make payment by cash or debit card.
    4. Save the receipt given by the cashier as proof of payment for digibank KTA
    5. Payments can be made at all Indomaret outlets in Indonesia and will be processed the fastest within 3 working days
    6. You can check your recent payment history via the digibank by DBS App.

Clickhere to watch the payment instruction video

What is digibank KTA?

digibank KTA is an unsecured credit product issued by Bank DBS Indonesia through the digibank by DBS Application. In contrast to home or car ownership credit products that require collateral, the provision of a KTA digibank limit does not require any guarantees.

Things you can afford with digibank KTA Personal Loan

digibank KTA Personal Loan funds can be used for any needs such as:

  • Upgrading gadget or equipment to support your business
    We understand digibank KTA Personal Loan will be very useful for developing your business as it will allow you to work more productively. Buying smartphones with the latest features, replacing old laptops with tablets with faster operating systems, buying home theater or hobby equipment such as spinning machines, or sewing machines, or other equipment that can support your hobbies and passions.
  • Renovating or decorating a house
    digibank KTA Personal Loan can be withdrawn or debited or transferred to purchase a variety of smart home and green living equipment, exterior and interior renovations, as well as the manufacture of custom-made furniture such as Scandinavian-themed beds and wardrobes, including new home electronic devices such as refrigerators, washing machines, remodel the workspace at home and build a lovely baby’s crib.
  • Automotive modification
    You can use digibank KTA Personal Loan that has been disbursed to replace old or damaged car or motorcycle accessories. Transfer the funds to suppliers or distributors to buy sound system equipment and change the interior to make it more comfortable, to modify antique cars for your passion.
  • Wedding
    digibank KTA Personal Loan is very flexible to use, you can transfer them to pay the dowry fee, the cost of the headmaster, building rental, down payment or finalization of payments for dress, clothing and catering vendors, including financing the health tests of the bride and groom. Any need can be met with a digibank KTA.
  • Travelling
    You can use the loan for your domestic or international travel needs, ranging from the need to buy transportation tickets, to the cost of staying at certain penthouses. Travel costs include the preparation of warm or cold clothes, the cost of eating and drinking, sudden needs, buying souvenirs or souvenirs, or buying ride tickets for a special unforgettable experience.
Benefits of digibank KTA

Loan funds really help you to organize and manage finances because you can repay large amounts of expenses with fixed amounts that are affordable for you.

The interest is relatively lower than other online loans so it doesn’t have to burden your monthly cashflow.

With an installment tenor of up to 36 months, you can also manage your expenses and increase your income during the period so you can still grow your savings and investments.

The digibank App will make it easier for you to monitor bills and installments, because your payment history will be recorded automatically, and you can also see the next due date so that you can prepare your payment better.

How long is digibank KTA application process?

The digibank KTA Personal Loan approval only takes 60 seconds, after that you just need to confirm the loan amount and tenor you prefer. The you can continue to make an appointment with a our agent to complete the process of opening a disbursement account. You can even complete the whole journey in the same day.

digibank KTA approval in 60 seconds



“Terimakasih kpd digibank sy telah di acc pengajuan KTA sy dan hari ini sdh cair uangnya padahal hari ini hari libur. Prosesnya cepat tidak berteletele, karyawan yang mendatangi sy ramah dan sopan sy akan menjaga kepercayaan ini semoga digibank makin perbankan yang maju dan sukses di indonesia ”

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