Government Bonds Investment

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Higher profits than deposits


Fixed monthly income from Coupon / Rewards payments


Register and buy via the application without having to go to the branch


Fitur & Benefits

  1. Safe investment with maximum returns
    Want to invest with low risk and relatively high returns? Buy Government Bonds that provide a rate of return above deposits and guarantees from the Government of the Republic of Indonesia!
  2. Coupon / Rewards payment every month
    Coupons / Rewards are paid on the same date each month so that your cashflow settings are maintained
  3. Order Bonds anywhere with a few easy steps
    No need to go back and forth to the branch to order bonds. Register and purchase Bonds via the Application digibank by DBS through your cellphone

Bond Products

Product Offer Periodn

27 January 2020 (9:00 WIB) - 13 February 2020 (10:00 WIB)


1 November 2019 (9:00 WIB) - 21 November 2019 (10:00 WIB)


2 October 2019 (9.00 WIB) - 24 October 2019 (10:00 WIB). Resale date starts December 16, 2019.


05 September 2019 (9:00 WIB) - 19 September 2019 (10:00 WIB)


August 8, 2019 (9:00 WIB) until August 21, 2019 (10:00 WIB)


11 July 2019 (9:00 WIB) until 25 July 2019 (10:00 WIB)


May 3 2019 (9:00 WIB) until 21 May 2019 (10:00 WIB)

What you need to know

About Retail Government Bonds


What is Retail Government Bonds?

ORetail Government Bonds, or commonly referred to as Government Securities (SBN), are Government bonds or Government bonds that are sold to Indonesian Citizens through designated selling agents.

SBN divided into two product groups namely :

  • Government Securities (SUN), for example: Savings Bonds Retail (SBR) and Retail Government Bonds (ORI)
  • Government Sukuk (SBSN) Securities, for example: Savings Sukuk (ST) and Retail Sukuk (SR)


What is a Government Securities?

Government Securities (SUN) are securities issued by the Government of Indonesia and are only sold to individuals or individuals, through an appointed Distribution Partner


What is meant by State Sharia Securities?

State Sharia Securities (SBSN) or often referred to as State Sukuk are securities issued by the Government of Indonesia based on Sharia principles, and are only sold to individuals or individuals, through designated Distribution Partners.

Are there any SBN products that can be resold (tradeable) before maturity?

Retail Government Bonds (ORI) and Retail Sukuk (SR) are two products that can be traded before the due date.

What is SBN Retail Online service ?

Now, SBN is more easily accessed with the e-SBN Retail Online service . The service allows you to order, pay, create a single identification number (SID) needed to start investing, check your risk profile, and sell the securities you have online.

Wherever your location is, you just have to download or log in the Application digibank by DBS, fill in your personal data, and you can order SBN. It's easy, right?

What benefits can be obtained from SBN Retail Online?

  1. Online!

    To help you who are super busy, investing is more convenient to do online . You only need one Application at Bank Mandiri by DBS to make a series of orders, purchases and withdrawals of this Bond.

  2. Investment guaranteed by the government

    Pembayaran produk dan keuntungan SBN dibayarkan oleh Pemerintah Indonesia sesuai periode masing-masing produk. Kamu bisa mengecek periode tersebut di fact sheet website atau Memorandum Informasi sebelum membeli produk SBN yang kamu inginkan.

  3. Sharia management principles for SBSN products

    You can have SBN Retail Online starting at Rp1 million! Plus, get Coupons / Rewards with a fixed percentage according to the provisions of each product. So, you will get greater profits than deposits in general.

  4. Sharia management principles for SBSN products

    For those of you who prefer investments with Islamic principles, there are choices of SBSN products made without usury (interest), gharar (speculation), and maysir (gambling). Make your heart calm, right?

  5. Contributing to the progress of Indonesia

    By becoming an SBN investor, you have participated in realizing the development priorities of the Government of Indonesia.


What is the cost of purchasing SBN on the Application digibank by DBS?

Free! You do not need to pay any fees when ordering, registering, buying and selling SBN through the Digibank Application by DBS.


How do you buy SBN Retail Online on the Application digibank by DBS?

If you don't have Savibank yet, follow these steps, yes:

  1. Download the Digibank app by DBS from the App Store or Play Store
  2. By becoming an SBN investor, you have participated in realizing the development priorities of the Government of Indonesia
  3. Click "Bonds" and check product availability. If the product is available, you can answer the questions raised to find out the risk profile and create an SID number. If the SID number has been created, you will get an email notification.
  4. After this, log back in and click "e-SBN registration" to complete the registration processSelect the available product, enter the amount you want, then make a payment. Portoflio investment bonds that you buy will be seen after the settlement date of the product.
  5. Select the available product, enter the amount you want, then make a payment. Portoflio investment bonds that you buy will be seen after the settlement date of the product.

How do you know the order and payment of SBSN orders have been successful?

After making a payment, you will get a State Revenue Transaction Number (NTPN) on the payment confirmation page.

In addition, you can check the status of the order in the "In Process" section. If payment is successful, your order will be marked "Already paid", while those that have not been marked with "Waiting to be paid".


Apa itu “Registrasi e-SBN”?

Apabila SID kamu sudah tersedia, setelah klik “Obligasi”, kamu akan melihat ajakan untuk melakukan “Registrasi e-SBN”. Lanjutkan dengan klik “Yuk, lanjut” dan konfirmasi ya, supaya kamu siap untuk melakukan pemesanan.


What is "e-SBN registration"?

If your SID is already available, after clicking "Bonds", you will see an invitation to "e-SBN Registration". Continue by clicking "Come on, continue" and confirm yes, so you are ready to place an order.


What bond products are available at Digibank?

Government bond products will be available on your wallet according to the bond offering period as determined by the (government) bond issuer.

For details of available SUN products, you can see them on the following page .

And for details of available SBSN products, you can also look directly at the


What is proof of ownership of SBN Retail Online ?

SBN Retail Online is issued without scrip. But, take it easy, you as an investor will get ownership confirmation sent to your correspondence address that is already registered at the bank. Look forward to you!


Can I increase the order amount?

Yup, you can increase the number of orders by placing a new order while it is still in the offer period. Most importantly, your order and ownership amount does not reach the maximum limit of IDR 3 billion, including if you make an order at another distribution partner (midis). Your remaining quota can be seen when you place an order at Digibank. The overall (national) quota of bonds that you ordered nationally can also be seen when you place an order.


How do I make a payment from Digibank if I choose to 'Pay later' after placing an order?

If you choose 'Pay later' after placing an order, you can resume payments via the Investment homepage - Your bonds are in debt, choose your order in the 'In Process' section and continue payment.


What if I don't make payment for up to 3 hours after ordering?

Hmm .. your order will be considered canceled and your individual order quota will increase by the number of cancellations the next two working days

When can I resell the ORI and SR that I bought?

Your Indonesian Retail Bond (ORI) and Retail Sukuk (SR) products can be resold starting from the resale date stated on the product page on your Digibank Application. On the stated date, there will be a "Sell" button to start selling. For ORI and SR products purchased before October 2019, sales can be made by visiting the nearest DBS branch office, yes. After you make a sale, you will receive funds according to the settlement date of the sale.

I have sold my bonds in the application at Bank Indonesia by DBS, when will I get the funds from the sale?

Funds from the sale will be credited to your account in the afternoon / evening on the settlement date, which is 2-3 days after the sale is made. You can see information related to the settlement date on the final page of your sale, and through the email notification sent when the sale is made.


Why nominal bonds that are listed on the sale of ORI and SR I differ with nominal bonds in the portfolio of
the bond listed on your sales page is smaller than the nominal portfolio in the 'Bond I', if there is a sale has not been completed ( settled ) and the amount will be equal after the settlement date.

How do I know the resale price of my ORI and SR products?

he resale price of ORI and SR products will follow the price set by DBS Bank in accordance with the conditions and the current bond market situation. This price can change from time to time, and you can see immediately when you will make a sale at Digibank. You can also see the estimated funds you will receive (before tax deduction).

When reselling, is there a certain limit on how much I can sell?

You can sell part or all of the ORI or SR products that you have as you wish. The maximum sale you can make is the amount of ORI or SR product value you have and sales can be made in multiples of Rp 1,000,000.

Are there any other costs if I want to resell my ORI or SR products?

GFree! You do not need to pay any fees when reselling via the Digibank Application by DBS.

Besides ORI and SR, can other SBN products be redeemed at any time?

SBN products other than ORI and SR can only be disbursed early in the early redemption period , which will be opened by the government one year after purchase. At that time, on the bond product page at your bank account there will be a "Melt down" button to do the disbursement. There are terms and conditions that apply, yes. One of them, the maximum disbursement is 50% of the purchase transactions made. Plus, you must have at least 2 units of ownership with a total value of Rp. 2 million. You will receive the funds on the disbursement settlement date which will be displayed on your Facebook page.

You can only do the initial disbursement in the early redemption period in the Application digibank by DBS.


When will I receive all my funds back?

You will receive all your funds back, which is the remaining balance that has not been disbursed in the early redemption period , when your SBN product is due. Disbursement at the end of this maturity will run without you having to do anything in the Application digibank by your DBS.


Is there a tax for the yield that I get?

Yes, there is a tax of 15% of Coupon / Rewards income per year.


Besides ORI and SR, can other online retail SBN products be transferable?

SBN ownership other than ORI products is non-transferable. But if the owner dies, the right to yield or principal of the SBN can be transferred to the heirs who are entitled according to the court's decision.

To find out more about the Bond transaction Terms & Conditions click here