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    What are the advantages of digibank by DBS?

    digibank by DBS offers a comprehensive range of financial products within a single application, including:

    • Day-to-day transactions such as using digibank QRIS for payments, and topping up GoPay or OVO.
    • Unlimited free transfer fee using the BI-Fast method.
    • Easy initiation of investments from a selection of over 120 investment products.
    • Transform transactions into installment payments of up to 60 months with digibank PayLater.
    • Apply for online personal loans (KTA) with 60-second approval.
    How do I open a digibank by DBS account?
    • Download the digibank by DBS app from Google Playstore or the App Store for iOS users.
    • Create a username and password, and log in to the digibank by DBS app.
    • Complete biometric verification using the face recognition feature on your smartphone, or schedule an appointment with our agent to scan your fingerprint.
    • Your digibank account is now ready to use!
    How to Apply for a digibank Credit Card?
    • Enter your credit card application data via the website go.dbs.com/cc.
    • Choose the digibank Credit Card you wish to apply for.
    • Fill in and complete your personal details.
    • Proceed with the verification process by uploading a photo of your e-ID and taking a selfie.
    • Congratulations! Your digital CREDIT Card is now ready for use.
    How to Apply for a digibank Personal Loan (KTA)?
    • Click "Apply Di Sini" on this page and complete your personal information. Pay attention to the URL in your browser. Our official page for submitting your data always starts with https://secure.id.dbsdigibank.com/loan
    • Wait for approval within 60 seconds.
    • Make sure you don't close or switch screens (website or app) to ensure a smooth approval process.
    • Select the loan amount and installments, then create a username and password for your digibank account.
    • Security tip: Create a password that is not easily guessable and avoid using the same password as other applications.
    • Fill in and complete your personal data, then upload a photo of your e-KTP and take a selfie for verification. If you encounter verification issues, feel free to visit a digibank booth for assistance from our agents.
    • Psst, keep your data confidential and don't allow others to fill it in for you!
    • Your loan will be disbursed to your digibank account shortly.
    What are the advantages of the PayLater feature in digibank?
    • digibank Pay Later 0% for 24 months -> Light (0%) interest and can be paid in installments for up to 24 months at various online and offline merchants, instant installment conversion 24/7, monitorable through the digibank by DBS application.
    • digibank Pay Later for 60 months -> Light and long installments for up to 60 months at various online and offline merchants, instant installment conversion 24/7, monitorable through the digibank by DBS application.

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