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DBS Real-Time On-Line (RTOL)
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DBS RTOL for Corporates

DBS RTOL which stands for Real-Time On-Line transaction has been introduced as one of the capability that DBS Indonesia offers to our corporate clients. By riding on Bersama network, DBS RTOL for corporates provides the suitable solution designed specifically for your corporate instant payment needs up to IDR 50 Mio per transaction, round the clock; Make instant IDR payments any time, any day

Instantaneous payment is becoming a trend amongst the corporate players, in which its application and utilisation is spanning across various industries: ranging from start-ups, e-commerce, fintech, insurance, multi-finance, healthcare, manufacturing and many more



Save time with Instantaneous IDR interbank funds transfer.


Pay any time, any day 24 x 7




Enjoy greater convenience with this simple and secure IDR funds transfer

Frequently Asked Questions

How does DBS RTOL work?

Simply send your payment instructions via integration with DBS RAPID. The funds will be received by the beneficiary within instant after the successful payment has been made.

Who are the participating banks for DBS RTOL?

What is the information that I need to provide to affect a DBS RTOL?

  • Mandatory information required
    1. DBS Debit account number
    2. Beneficiary Credit account number
    3. Beneficiary Bank Name
    4. RTOL transfer amount

What is the currency that can be transferred by using DBS RTOL?

  • IDR Currency only

What is the maximum limits for DBS RTOL?

  • IDR 50 Million per transfer.
  • No maximum payment amount limit per day for corporate customer

Do I have to pay to use DBS RTOL?

  • IDR 6,500

How can I activate DBS RTOL Payment for my business?

How do I apply?

Simply call us at DBS BusinessCareIndonesia with phone number (021) 1500 327/ 69 327 (via mobile phone) or alternatively you may call your Relationship Manager during operation hours Monday – Friday at 08:00 – 17:00 WIB, except national public holiday