Tax Payment

Manage your corporate tax payments securely and smoothly online

Tax Payment

Manage your corporate tax payments securely and smoothly online

At a Glance

Create and pay your company’s tax payments with ease via DBSI MPN G2 eTax Payment service. You can be assured of timely same day submission which saves you time and administrative costs.

Just enter your tax information onto an easy-to-use electronic template and upload it through IDEAL 3.0, our DBS online banking platform. You will receive your tax receipt document seamlessly and smoothly in no time.

Why choose DBS e-Tax Pay?


Create - Pay - Receive your tax payment receipt online


IDEAL Integration

IDEAL 3.0 MPN G2 eTax Payment function will mirror the tax web portal portal where customer can fill-in directly tax payment information to request for ID Billing


File Upload

Request ID Billing through IDEAL 3.0 MPN G2 eTax Payment function by filling-in DBSI file template with the entire customer’s tax information required


Extensive Cut Off Time

Cut-Off Time for IDEAL tax payment is 08.00pm on working days


Greater convenience

DBSI will provide tax receipt - Bukti Penerimaan Negara (BPN) softcopy pdf for your reporting convenience. With MPN G2, no more other tax documents required for reporting



Data processed exactly reflects the data inputted on tax web portal or IDEAL 3.0. Therefore, no tampering of information/result could take place

How to Apply

Please call our DBS Indonesia Customer Centre at 1500 327 or 69 327 (if using a mobile phone) and we will arrange for a Relationship Manager to assist you.

For tax payment through IDEAL3.0, you will need to be registered for IDEAL3.0 transaction module.

Do I need a signature and stamp endorsement from DBSI for submitting via MPN G2 eTax Payment?

No need for physical endorsement, since all tax payments are processed electronically.

Do I need to register before using IDEAL MPN G2 eTax Payment?

Yes, you need to be registered on IDEAL 3.0 transaction service. After registration, the tax payment feature is available for you.

You may contact your relationship manager for assistance with the registration form.

What types of taxes can be paid through IDEAL MPN G2 eTax Payment?

You can pay your corporate import/export and excise taxes.

Can IDEAL MPN G2 eTax Payment cater ID Billing creation for all tax payment type?

As per regulation by tax authorities, creating ID Billing is only available for corporate tax.

Is there a fee to use e-Tax Pay?

There are no fees for processing tax payments through DBSI.