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DBS RAPID (Real-time Application Programming Interface by DBS)

Delivering a RAPID Solution
Digital solutions that are customizable for your needs

DBS RAPID For Corporate Customers

RAPID stands for Real-Time API by DBS. It is an innovative solution would allow the corporate customer to build their projects with the banking services layer as part of their core infrastructure or application seamlessly and in real-time with the use of Application Programme Interface (API).

APIs (Application Programming Interface) – An interface which enables two or more software applications of various parties (bank, customers & ecosystem partners) to connect, communicate and interact with each other.

The advanced digital banking services offered include transaction status inquiry, account activities inquiry, balance inquiry, bank-account verification inquiry, account transfer within DBS accounts, SKN, RTGS, cross-border payment, and the latest update also include Real-Time Online Payment (RTOL) enabled for corporates for their payment needs.


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Frequently Asked Quesions

What are the benefits for integrating with DBS RAPID?

  1. Banking API services “Mix and Match" capability to form the desired workflow / interaction and "user experience".
  2. Support your business and company operational requirements by accelerating the transaction process and / or increasing operational efficiency through the use of real-time online banking services. 

What do I need to integrate my system with DBS RAPID?

Your system should be able to process the transaction message / instruction in the API format (API Call) and receive back the message / status of the instruction (API Response) in accordance with the Specifications of the DBS APIs.

What is the Service Level Agreement for DBS RAPID integration? 

Time needed will be depending on several things such as time to enhance your system to be able to send API Call and receive API Response, system testing, cross system communication access opening, etc.
On standard practice, it will take around 4 weeks up to 6 weeks.

Which banking services have or will integrated with DBS RAPID?

Currently, banking services that have integrated on DBS RAPID are:
  • Account Information Services such as : Balance Enquiry, Account Status, Bank Account Verification and Inward Credit Confirmation (incoming fund)
  • Payment / Transfer Services such as : Account Transfer within DBS Bank, SKN, RTGS,Telegraphic Transfer (SWIFT), Real Time Online Fund Transfer via ATM Bersama network and Virtual Account (VA) Online Creation
  • Going forward, we will also integrating our existing banking services with DBS RAPID such as : Foreign Exchange (FX Booking), Trade, Tax Payment, etc

How to register this DBS RAPID?

Please kindly contact your Relationship Manager or Business Care.