4 Things You Need to Consider to Have a Profitable Business

4 points to be considered to find out whether the business you want to run is profitable or vice versa.


In doing business, a loss is sometimes undeniable. Therefore, before finally determining your way to enter the business world, you should consider these following 4 things, so you can decide the type of business to be carried out including whether it’s profitable or not

  1. Goods or Services Demanded by Many People

Market research is needed to test the target market according to your goods. This method is also useful for knowing your selling power level. Ask their opinion, ask for advice, so you can build more sophisticated products, and then you can sell it to the market.

  1. Find a Long Term Business

The long term here means that the business you are going to run is not a seasonal business that will only be of interest at certain times, because then when your business goes down, it will slowly suffer losses. Find a business that has potential long and continues to increase because people will need these products or services on an ongoing basis.

  1. Be Inventive!

Make a business that is always open to innovation. If your product or service is needed by many people, then you need to make a difference so that it becomes more appealing. The people nowadays begin to actively assess products they buy, so be creative and always innovate for the sake of the sustainability of your business.

  1. Easy Access to Supplier

It’s always safe to know every detail of your own business. For example the location and the supplier, where to get the raw material to be produced and so on. After that, the next main thing you have to think is just marketing strategies.

If you are sure that you have 4 points mentioned above, other points that must be considered are the profiles of employees you will recruit as well as the financial system to be used. Make sure both of them optimally support the running of your business. Therefore, use applications that facilitate transactions or bookkeeping. For instance, DBS Digital Business Account.

The application that is suitable for this new business has a minimum balance, freeing you on monthly fees, as well as free internet banking fees and online SKN. Fret not because you no longer feel confused with paying extra fees for your new business banking activity.