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Business Revolution with Ease of Bank Reconciliation Process

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Reproduced with permission from Accurate Online

Sometimes the process of recording bank transactions and reconciliation is indeed troublesome and tiring. Especially if you use manual methods, of course, a lot of time will be wasted just to record transactions and correct data so that there is no difference in the financial statements presented later.

Revolutionary Bank Reconciliation Process for Your Business Development

For Accurate Online users as well as DBS Bank customers, you can now experience the bank's reconciliation feature automatically. Features that will make your business evolve to be better, bigger, and certainly more profitable.

We are committed to understanding your business needs. Along with technological developments and business competition, we are here to provide solutions for the development of your business. Accurate Online as accounting software that has complied with financial accounting standards (SAK) in Indonesia and TOP Brand Award winners for the accounting software category in collaboration with DBS Bank which has a myriad of awards such as:

  • Global Bank of the Year 2018, The Banker
  • Best Bank in the World 2018, Global Finance
  • World's Best Digital Bank 2018, Euromoney
  • Safest's Bank, Asia 2009 - 2019, Global Finance
  • World's Best Bank for SMEs 2018, Euromoney

Our collaboration is expected to bring a revolution in the development of the business world for the better. Now you can enjoy a myriad of excellent Accurate Online features combined with various advantages and conveniences provided by DBS Bank through automatic Accurate Online and DBS Bank Integration.

What's the Difference with the Reconciliation Process I do Everyday?

Previously, the bank reconciliation process required you to upload a bank account based on a period of time (usually monthly). Then you match the data with your company's cash records in Accurate online. If there are many transactions that occur in your business account, this will be troublesome and of course the risk of incompatibility with the company's cash records will be quite large. What if a checking account report is presented every day? Sounds better, right? This will make it easier for you to monitor transactions that occur and make financial reports that have minimal errors.

For business owners who have business development planning, this is very efficient in terms of time and effort. Can you imagine if you later have many branches in various regions and have many transactions? Receiving a checking account with transaction history and matching it one by one at a time would be a nightmare.

DifferenceManual methodAccurate Online & DBS Bank Integration
Ways of workingMatch transaction data and monthly checking account and check one by one.After doing one-time set-up online, Accurate Online and Bank DBS integration will automatically send transaction data reports daily.
Data retrievalManual download of bank file and manual upload to Accurate OnlineDBS Bank will send a checking account every day or according to your needs, this will save you time.
Reconciliation ProcessSince it’s manual, reconciliation process usually only occurs at the end of the month.Business owners can reconcile every day, this means that the cash flow information presented is also up-to-date.
Cash Flow KnowledgeThe business owner can only find out the cash position report that has been reconciled in the past month or the cash report that has past.Business owners can find out the cash position report faster than the manual method, because account statements can be monitored every day.
Business Decision MakingBusiness owners struggle to make business decisions without knowing exactly how much cash is available.With daily reports, business owners can easily determine business decisions easily.
E-commerce integrationEnter item names and record one by one transactions from various e-commerce into accounting software for monitoring actual stock and sales reports.With the SmartLink e-commerce feature you can import a list of items and sales transactions from e-commerce applications such as Bukalapak, Shopee, and Tokopedia semi-automatically.
Calculating TaxesCalculate taxes at the end of each sale manually or use a taxation application separatelyCalculate and create tax reports through Accurate Online automatically, easily and quickly.


Make a Change in Doing Business with Ease

Accurate and Bank DBS realize that there are small things that can have a big impact on the sustainability of your business, especially in financial records and financial matters. Now with automatic integration between Accurate online and DBS Bank business accounts, you will experience convenience, security and accuracy in managing your financial flows. Only by activating an Accurate connection online with your DBS Bank business account, can you enjoy a variety of features that make it easier for you to do, such as:

  • Get financial reports that are always up to date with automatic reconciliation
  • Automatically calculate taxes with various types of taxes
  • Monitor and input inventory items automatically from online stores with Smartlink e-Commerce

Also available are many other features that will help make the right business decisions to grow your business. All these features are FREE for Accurate Online users who are also DBS Bank customers.

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PT Bank DBS Indonesia is registered and supervised by the Financial Services Authority (OJK)

Published Date: 3 May 2019

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