Digital Business Account

For new businesses. No monthly fee, free online and mobile banking and online domestic (SKN) transactions.

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Value Features of Digital Business Account

Recommended for

  • Ideal for start-ups with low minimum balances
  • Mostly transact online

Minimum balance

IDR 500,000 or USD 50

Minimum initial deposit

IDR 500,000 or USD 50

Monthly account fee


Fall-below fee

IDR 50,000 or USD 5

Internet & Mobile banking
(IDEAL™) fee


Security Device

Unlimited FREE digital tokens (authentication using your iOS or Android device)


100 FREE domestic transactions (SKN) on IDEAL™ per month via cashback


<IDR 100mil: 0.75%
IDR 100mil to < IDR 250mil: 1.5%
IDR 250mil to < IDR 500mil: 1.75%
IDR 500mil to < IDR 1bil: 2%
IDR 1bil to < IDR 2bil: 2.25%
≥ IDR 2bil: 2.5%

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What currencies are the Digital Business Account available in?
We offer the Digital Business Account in IDR and USD. If you require more currencies then we recommend our Multi-Currency Account. Please click here for more details.
How is the average daily balance for the month calculated, and when will the fall-below fee be deducted from my account?

Your end-of-day credit balance is tracked throughout the month. These balances are then added together and divided by the number of days in the month in order to determine your average daily balance. If your average daily balance falls below the minimum balance, then a fall-below fee will be deducted at the beginning of the following month.

How long will it take to open an account?

1 to 3 working days after all documents are submitted to us.

When will I receive the cashback for the SKN transactions on IDEAL?

At the end of the month, we will count the number of SKN transactions in your account. We will credit the fees for the first 100 transactions to your account the following month