Multi-Currency Account

1 Account, 12 Currencies – save on foreign exchange cost, enjoy free transactions and earn interest.

The DBS Corporate Multi-Currency Account (MCA) is a single account with which you can manage up to 12 currencies. It is an efficient and cost-effective solution for you to maintain balances and perform transactions in different currencies

Ease of account opening and management - Each supported foreign currency wallet will be automatically created when the funds are received
Reduce currency conversion costs – You can offset flows in the same currency and have flexibility in managing currency conversions at your own schedule
Real time visibility – Automatic linkage of currency wallets in DBS IDEAL™ for transaction initiation and reporting

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 Special for DBS Multi-Currency Account Customers


Multi-Currency Account

Suitable for

Everything you need for a trading business

Minimum balance

IDR 10 mil

Minimum initial deposit

IDR 10 mil

Currencies available

12 currencies including IDR, SGD, USD

Monthly account fee


Fall-below fee

IDR 100,000

Internet & Mobile banking
(IDEAL™) fee


Security Device

Unlimited FREE digital tokens (authentication using your iOS or Android device)


  • 2 free cheque/Giro books

  • 30 free SKN & RTGS, or

  • 50 free SKN & RTGS if bal > IDR 1bil

  • OTT: USD 25


< IDR 250mil: 0.5%
IDR 250mil to < IDR 1bil: 2%
IDR 1bil to < IDR 2.5bil: 3%
IDR 2.5bil to < IDR 5bil: 4%
≥ IDR 5bil: 5%

FX rates

Preferential rates on DealOnline, DBS FX Trading platform

  Program Period: November 2017 – 31 December 2019

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What are the currencies offered under Corporate Multi-Currency Account?

The 12 currencies offered are IDR, SGD, USD, AUD, CNH, HKD, NZD, GBP, SEK, CHF, EUR and JPY. You will receive IDR as first currency after the Multi-Currency Account opening

When will a currency under a Corporate Multi-Currency Account be activated?

If you open a Multi-Currency Account, an Indonesian Rupiah will be automatically added under this account. We may add a new foreign currency wallet under this account when:

(a) you receive funds in that foreign currency;

(b) you indicate your choice of charge currency as a currency other than Indonesian Rupiah;

(d) we make available to you certain facility or service or in any other case where we deem is necessary or desirable for that foreign currency wallet to be added

Can I request the Bank not to activate certain currencies under a Corporate Multi-Currency Account?

Yes, you may opt-out of any currency, except IDR. You will need to submit the Opt-in/Opt-out form to us

Can I view all currencies under a Corporate Multi-Currency Account in my account statement?

Yes, you will be able to retrieve an all-in-one MCA statement through DBS IDEAL It will contain balances and transaction details for all currencies activated, together with respective indicative FX to IDR for your reference. Please ensure that you have access to DBS IDEAL for your Corporate Multi-Currency Account. All currencies activated will be added automatically for viewing and/or transacting in DBS IDEAL

Can I close certain currencies under a Corporate Multi-Currency Account?

No, once added to the Multi-Currency Account, a wallet cannot be closed unless the entire Multi-Currency Account is closed

How will interest payments and charges be done?

They will be independently calculated for each currency wallet under a Multi-Currency Account based on our prevailing interest rates applicable to each relevant currency (if any)