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Accounts Payable Financing

Increase your turnaround time with this customised invoice financing solution

Increase your turnaround and free up funds with Accounts Payable Financing (APF). DBS finances the purchase of your import goods in a wide range of currencies at attractive rates. You can then take ownership of the goods and use them to grow your business up to six months before you need to pay for them. You can also choose a flexible payment plan that will complement your cash flow cycle, helping you better manage your cash flow. This is useful for when you want to pay off an invoice.


Why choose DBS Accounts Payable Financing?

  • Structure your import financing facilities around your trading circle to meet your needs
  • Access working capital and improve your cash flow
  • Receive automatic reminders on your settlement due date from IDEAL™ , our online banking platform


Will your bank remind me before my APF is due?

Yes. We will provide an automatic reminder if you are currently using IDEAL™, our online banking platform.

Can I ask for an extension?

Yes, however this is subject to credit approval from DBS, and the overall loan period must not exceed the maximum loan period granted in the letter of offer.

Can I repay the APF before its due date?

Yes. Please contact our DBS Indonesia Customer Centre at 1500 327 or 69 327 (if using a mobile phone) to find out more.

What is the interest rate?

The interest rate will vary based on market conditions and risk level of your imports.

You may call our DBS Indonesia Customer Centre at 1500 327 or 69 327 (if using a mobile phone) or contact your Relationship Manager for an assessment of your imports and an indicative interest rate.

Do you finance only in IDR?

We finance your open account payable at competitive rates for different foreign currencies. With our financing you can increase the limit for additional purchases and enhance your relationship with your suppliers.

Call our DBS Indonesia Customer Centre at 1500 327 or 69 327 (if using a mobile phone) or visit one of our branches and our Relationship Manager can design a suitable financing package for your business according to your financial and business activities.


How do I apply?

Please call our DBS Indonesia Customer Centre at 1500 327 or 69 327 (if using a mobile phone) and we will arrange for a Relationship Manager to assist you.


You may need to provide the following supporting documents:

  • Your Basic Information
  • Purpose of credit facility
  • Financial statement
  • Copies of bank statement
  • Appraisal report
  • Legal documents, like Deed of Establishment, Company Registration information, Business Licenses, Work contracts
  • Collateral documents
  • Drawdown Request form
  • Other documents, like Copy of Invoices