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digibank Contactless Debit Card

The newest and most efficient way to transact will be coming your way in August 2023.

Are you curious about the contactless feature on digibank Debit Card? Well, it's really awesome! Without either inserting your card or entering a PIN, contactless allows you to transact of up to Rp1,000,000 per transaction per day. It's as simple as tapping your card on an Electronic Data Capture (EDC) machine! Say goodbye to struggling with cards or remember PINs for little purchases.

How to use the contactless feature on digibank Debit Cards?

To use this contactless feature, follow these steps:


  1. Ensure that your digibank Debit Card has been activated and is ready for use. If it hasn't been activated yet, contact digibank customer service or refer to the instructions provided with the card.

  2. Check if your card has the contactless logo.

  3. When you're at a store or a place that accepts contactless payments, make sure their Electronic Data Capture (EDC) machine supports contactless technology.

  4. For payments below Rp1,000,000, simply hover your digibank Debit Card over the contactless-enabled EDC machine. Ensure you hold it close enough for the machine to read the card's information.

  5. If the transaction amount exceeds Rp1,000,000, you'll need to insert your debit card into the appropriate slot on the EDC machine and follow the instructions to enter your PIN.

  6. Once the transaction is successful, you will receive a payment confirmation.

What is the maximum limit for contactless transactions using the digibank Debit Card per day?

With the contactless feature, you can perform transactions without a PIN for an accumulated amount of up to Rp1,000,000 per transaction per day. If you ever exceed this limit, don't worry! You can still proceed with the payments by entering your PIN for authorization.


Transaction Amount per Day

≤ Rp 1 million

> Rp 1 million


Transaction without PIN

Transaction rejected


Transaction using PIN

Where can I make contactless transactions using my digibank Debit Card?

You can enjoy contactless transactions on your digibank Debit Card at EDC machines abroad. If you happen to come across a place without a contactless device, don't panic! You can still make payments by inserting your card into the EDC machine and using your PIN.

What is the maximum limit for digibank Debit Card transactions per day?

You can make up to Rp25,000,000 worth of transactions per day. This includes the maximum contactless transaction limit of Rp1,000,000.

How to get a digibank Debit Card with a contactless feature?

To get a digibank Debit Card, new customers (New to Bank/NTB) can follow the current process. What's best? All newly issued and renewed cards will automatically include the Visa payWave feature for contactless payments. No extra steps needed!

Existing customers (Existing to Bank), we've got you covered too! If you're excited about activating the contactless payment feature, you can request a card replacement through the digibank by DBS application or by visiting the nearest branch.

Can I have a digibank Debit Card with a contactless feature if my current debit card is not yet expired?

You can still get the contactless version even if your current Debit Card hasn't expired. There's just a small additional charge of Rp50,000 per card replacement request. But don’t worry, it's totally worth it!

You can enjoy 5 free monthly cash withdrawals at any ATM by maintaining an average daily balance as per the applicable terms. Also, experience the convenience and ease of other transactions with a single digibank Debit Card!

How to Activate digibank Debit Card

via digibank by DBS application.

Activate digibank Debit Card

Transfer & Cash Withdrawal

Fitur Contactless Kartu Debit DBS

Transfer funds using digibank by DBS application to any account without fees, and enjoy free cash withdrawals at various ATM networks across Indonesia (up to 5 times per month) according to the applicable terms and conditions.

Transaction limit for shopping

The daily transaction limit for digibank Debit Card for transactions at local/international/E-commerce merchants through Visa Debit Online feature is Rp 25 juta

Cash withdrawal and ATM transaction limits

  • Cash Withdrawal: Rp. 15 million per day.

  • Daily transfer to DBS accounts and other bank accounts: Rp. 50 million.

*The above daily transfer limit applies to Real-Time Online Transfer (RTOL) method through ATMs, while transfers using the SKN and RTGS methods can be done through the digibank by DBS application and/or the nearest branch.

Info of Rate & Limit

Top up your digibank balance now!

After your account is verified, you can directly top up your digibank balance by:

digibank Apps
  1. Balance top-up can be done through interbank transfers, either from the counter, ATM, or internet/mobile banking.
  2. Choose PT BANK DBS INDONESIA as the destination bank.
  3. If required, input the bank code: 046.
  4. Enter your digibank account number, which can be found by clicking 'View Account' on the main page of the digibank by DBS application.
  5. Follow the next instructions provided by the sending bank.
  6. Check your balance on the main page of the digibank by DBS application.

digibank Debit Card Services

digibank Apps

Ensuring the Security of digibank Debit Card

digibank Apps
digibank Apps

PIN should not be an easily known combination, such as a birth date or phone number.

Do not share your PIN with others and change it periodically.

If you forget, you can immediately create a new PIN through the "Debit Card" menu in digibank by DBS application.

If your Debit Card is lost, immediately temporarily block the card through the "Debit Card" menu in digibank by DBS application.

If you do not reactivate it within 60 days, the card will be permanently blocked.

Report to DBSI Customer Centre at 0804 1500 327 or +6221 2985 2888 if you encounter any issues.


How to Replace digibank Debit Card by DBS

Cara Blokir & Request Kembali Kartu Debit digibank by DBS