Get High Interest by Saving with digibank!

Transfer Money Anywhere, No Quota, No Charge!

Say goodbye to the old ways of opening a bank account! Now, just download the digibank by DBS app on your smartphone, fill in your personal information, and verify with your e-KTP and a quick selfie. Fast and hassle-free! Once you've got a digibank account, enjoy free and unlimited money transfers anywhere. Plus, withdraw cash for free at any ATM. No more queues, just more cash for your coffee cravings!

Discover the Advantages of
Choosing digibank
for Your Savings

Keuntungan Membuka Tabungan di digibank

100% digital
account opening
have your e-KTP ready and,
snap a selfie

High-interest savings
up to 3% per year*

Organize your money
more efficiently with
up to 20 Wallets

Free transfers
with no quota

Easily accessible,
no withdrawal fees, withdraw whenever you want

No monthly
administrative fees**

*Terms and conditions apply
**Average daily balance in the previous month ≥ IDR 5 million

Various Savings Account Options from digibank

Primary Savings

The type of savings that you automatically have when you successfully create a digibank account.

Tabungan Maxi

Tabungan Maxi is a savings product from digibank, offering higher interest than digibank primary savings and can be allocated to 20 wallets.

Foreign Currency Savings

Save in over 10 foreign currencies, including USD, EUR, CAD, CHF.

How to Open a Savings Account
with digibank by DBS

Download digibank by DBS from Google Play Store or App Store

Create a username and password, then log in to the digibank by DBS App

Complete biometric verification

Your digibank account is ready to use!

digibank Debit Card

The digibank Debit Card offers free cash withdrawals at DBS Bank ATMs and up to 5 times per month at any ATM, with a minimum balance of IDR 5 million.

How to Transfer Money for Free
with digibank by DBS

Layanan Gratis Transfer Tanpa Kuota di digibank

Free and unlimited money
using BI-Fast

Interbank Transactions

Transaction limit of
IDR 250 million

per transaction per day

24-hour access
the application

Quick Steps for Free Money Transfers
on digibank by DBS

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Frequently Asked Questions about digibank by
DBS Savings

What Does Savings Mean?

A savings account is a reserve of unused income, available for withdrawal without penalties, and generally offers lower interest rates than fixed deposits. Having savings facilitates the application for loans, such as credit cards, KTA, KMG, or KPR within the same bank.

What is Tabungan Maxi?

Tabungan Maxi is a savings account that can provide high-interest rates of up to 3% per year. No minimum balance required. In addition to offering high interest, Tabungan Maxi can help you organize your money more effectively by dividing it into 20 Dompet Maxi that you can personalize according to your needs. Check out more details here.

What Types of Savings Accounts Are Available at digibank by DBS?

The types of savings accounts at digibank by DBS include Primary Savings, Tabungan Maxi, and Foreign Currency Savings with 10+ foreign currencies.

What are the Benefits of Saving in Maxi Savings?
  • High interest up to 7% per year with the Maxi Booster program

  • Withdraw anytime with the digibank Contactless Debit Card

  • No minimum balance

  • Free transfers without quotas to any bank.

  • Complete transactions using QRIS, and handle your payments with the 'Bayar Beli' feature.

  • Ability to save in both IDR and foreign currencies.

What are the Advantages of digibank by DBS Debit Card?

The digibank debit card offers a contactless feature with a new card design. Cardholders can use this feature to make transactions without inserting the physical card into the Electronic Data Capture (EDC) machine or entering a PIN for transactions up to IDR 1,000,000 per day. Instead, payments are completed by simply tapping the card on a contactless-enabled payment terminal.

How to Activate digibank by DBS Debit Card?

Select 'Lainnya' on the bottom left of the home page in the digibank by DBS app.

  • Click on 'Aktivasi Kartu Debit.'

  • Enter the debit card's CVV number.

  • Create a PIN, and your digibank debit card is ready to use.

What are the requirements for free interbank transfers?

Interbank transactions in the digibank by DBS app will not incur additional charges. However, there are specific terms and conditions where you must use the BI-Fast transfer method.

How to use the contactless feature on the digibank Debit Card?

Make sure your digibank Debit Card is activated and ready to use. If not activated, please reach out to digibank customer service or consult the instructions available in the envelope.

  • Check if the card has the contactless logo. This logo looks like waves or the contactless symbol on the front of the card.

  • If you are in a store or a place that accepts contactless payments, make sure that the Electronic Data Capture (EDC) machine supports contactless technology.

  • Tap your digibank Debit Card on the contactless-enabled EDC machine for payments under IDR 1,000,000. Make sure to tap it closely for the machine to easily read the card information.

  • If the transaction exceeds the nominal limit of IDR 1,000,000, you need to insert the debit card into the EDC machine and follow the instructions to enter your PIN.

  • You will receive a payment confirmation once the transaction is successfully completed.

What are the requirements and documents needed to open a digibank savings account?

To open a digibank account, you only need your e-KTP and smartphone camera, as you will be prompted to use the face biometric feature during the account opening process.

Where Can digibank Contactless Debit Card Feature Be Used?

The contactless feature on digibank Debit Card is currently only available for use on EDC machines abroad. In the absence of contactless devices, customers can still conduct transactions by inserting the debit card into the EDC machine and using the PIN. The usage of the contactless feature on digibank Debit Card on EDC machines in Indonesia will follow the applicable regulations.