At a Glance

Opening a digibank account is easy.

It’s bankless, paperless, and there’s no lining up!

You only need your ID card and selfie for verification.


Free transfer to other banks* and withdraw cash from any ATM**.

Transfer to other banks* and withdraw cash from any ATM** is free of administrative fees.
*first 5 transactions every month.
**minimum average balance of Rp5 million per month.


Features & Benefits

  1. Branchless, Signatureless, Paperless. 
    The bankless era is here! Download the digibank app by DBS on your smartphone, fill in your personal data, and verify your fingerprint at a participating digibank booth (or make an appointment with a digibank agent at your chosen location). It only takes about 5 minutes.
  2. Transfer to another bank, free of charge.
    Annoyed by fees when transferring between banks? Don't worry, it's free with the digibank app by DBS.
  3. Cash withdrawals at any ATM, free of administrative fees.
    Don't waste your time looking for fee-less ATMs. With Digibank, you’re free to choose any ATM.
  4. Freedom with the digibank app by DBS.
    Find many other digibank member privileges. Click here