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Manage your credit card through digibank by DBS App: convert transaction to installment, redeem digibank Mileage and spending tracker


More benefits on every transaction during your travel by collecting digibank Mileage.


Complimentary beverage at any Starbucks Airports in Indonesia

Features & Benefits

Features & Benefits Visa Travel Signature Credit Card
  1. Competitive Mileage Earnings
    Transact more, earn more. Collect digibank Mileage and enjoy free travel by redeeming digibank Mileage via digibank by DBS Application.

    Card Type

    Overseas Retail Transaction/using Foreign Currency

    Domestic Retail Transaction

    digibank Visa Travel Signature

    IDR6,000 = 1 Mileage digibank

    IDR9,000 = 1 Mileage digibank

  2. Complimentary beverage at Starbucks Airport in Indonesia
    Treat yourself before boarding. Enjoy complimentary beverage at Starbucks Airport all over Indonesia*.
    *with minimum total usage IDR 8,000,000 in the latest billing statement, transaction that is not included in the calculation: Cash Transfer, Bill Payment, Monthly Installments, Insurance, Interest, Fees & Charges, Cash Advance.

    Card Type

    Starbucks Airport Treats

    Cap Per Year

    digibank Visa Travel Signature

    2 foods or 2 beverages (Tall size) or 1 food and 1 beverages (Tall size)


    *Valid until 29 February 2024
  3. Save up to 50% at more than 150 outlets in Singapore
    Have more fun in Singapore with the digibank Travel Signature credit card. Use it for culinary, shopping and online transactions and save up to 50% in more than 150 outlets in Singapore, from hotels, restaurants and retail stores to online and e-commerce. Click here for more information about digibank promo in Singapore.
  4. Executive Airport Lounge
    For digibank Visa Travel Signature credit cardholders, enjoy access to more than 850 Executive Airport Lounges access abroad with DragonPass* 1x per year.

    Valid for primary credit cardholders and 1 (one) additional person.

    *make sure you know which Airport Lounges are accessible
    Click to see the list of Airport Lounges that can be accessed:

    DragonPass terms of use, click here.
    DragonPass terms of service, click here.
    Click here to see how to activate DragonPass membership and access to the lounge.

    To obtain DragonPass membership, please activate your digibank Visa Travel Signature Credit Card and contact DBSI Customer Centre 1500 237 atau +6221 298 52800 (from overseas).
  5. Travel Insurance
    Your travel is protected with travel accident insurance up to IDR1 Billion and overseas medical treatment insurance up to IDR1,2 Billion.
    Click here for more info
    Click here for more info on how to claim
    Click here for more info on claim requirement documents

    Travel Insurance

    For the Cardholder

    For the Family (including the Cardholder)

    Flight Delay (4 hours): IDR 4,000,000

    Flight Delay (4 hours): IDR 8,000,000

    Baggage Delay (6 hours): IDR 4,000,000

    Baggage Delay (6 hours): IDR 8,000,000

    Next flight delay: IDR 4,000,000

    Next flight delay: IDR 8,000,000

    Lost baggage (48 hours): IDR 24,000,000

    Lost baggage (48 hours): IDR 48,000,000

    Overseas Medical Expenses: IDR 600,000,000

    Overseas Medical Expenses: IDR 1,200,000,000

  6. Travel for free by collecting digibank mileage that never expire

    You can redeem digibank mileage into cashback up to IDR4 mio that can be used for your transaction on traveling needs. Accumulation of 2,500 digibank mileage is equivalent to IDR100,000 cashback.

    Enjoy complimentary flight by redeem digibank mileage into favorite airline miles. 1 digibank mileage is equivalent to 1 Krisflyer Miles/Garuda Miles Frequent Flyer/Asia Miles. Minimum mileage redemption is 10,000 digibank mileage.

    Redeem your digibank mileage via digibank by DBS Application or contact DBSI Customer Center* 1500 237 atau +6221 298 52800 (from overseas).

    *Redemption fee applies

  7. Welcome Bonus
    Special for a New digibank Credit Card Customer, Get Free Annual Fee for the First Year + 3.000 digibank Mileage + Additional Cashback IDR50,000
    • Get free annual fee only by making transaction with no minimum spending through the first 60 days since your card is approved.
    • Get 3.000 digibank Mileage by only making an accumulation of IDR750,000 (minimum) retail transaction. Transactions are made through the first 60 days since your card is approved.
    • Enjoy additional cashback IDR50,000, only if the total transaction IDR1 mio (minimum). Transactions are made through the first 60 days since your card is approved.
  8. Live more with digibank by DBS apps
    digibank by DBS App is an easy way to do transactions and to control your credit card. Do everything at the tip of your fingers.
Apply for a digibank Travel Card and enjoy various credit card promos, ranging from online shopping, travel, groceries, home living to health & beauty.

Rates and Fees

  • Annual Fee:
    Annual fees are billed annually and will be stated on the credit card billing statement. Following is the annual fee of digibank Visa Travel Signature Credit Card:

    Card Type

    Principal Card

    Supplementary Card

    digibank Visa Travel Signature Credit Card



    • Free annual fee for the first one year by making transaction with no minimum spending through the first 60 (sixty) days since your card is approved; or
    • Free annual fee by exchanging digibank Mileage with the following conditions:

      Total digibank Mileage

      Primary Card

      Supplementary Card

      25.000 digibank Mileage

      12.500 digibank Mileage

      Redeem your digibank Mileage through digibank by DBS Application.
  • Other Credit Card Fees
    For more information related to rates and fees please click here

For more information of digibank Visa Travel Signature Credit Card:

Terms and Conditions click here, Payment Guideline click here

More Miles, More Smiles with digibank Visa Travel Signature Credit Card.

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