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Regular coupon payments

By investing in the Capital Protected Fund asset grade, you will receive scheduled coupon payments.


Understanding Capital Protected Fund

Aside from saving, investing is a way to maximise your financial planning for a comfortable future. If you prefer a medium-term investment, Capital Protected Fund can be the right choice for you. Gain higher return compared to traditional banking products. Capital Protected Fund is a structured capital fund (not conventional) that protects 100% of the investor’s capital until its maturity. This kind of investment predominantly invests in bonds.

Types of Capital Protected Fund Investment

Batavia Proteksi Maxima 20 (“BPMAX20”) Capital Protected Fund is a protected fund denominated in IDR that adopts the strategy of buy and hold until maturity in debt securities (bond) investment. The fund features principal protection at maturity through investment mechanism (but not guaranteed by the Investment Manager or other Third Party) if there is no default occurred on the debt securities where the fund is invested or the parties involved in the fund investment portfolio.

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Features & Benefits of Capital Protected Fund Investment

  • Investment period applicable
    As determined by the Investment Manager.

  • Limited offer period
    Prospective investors can only buy it during the offer period.

  • Attractive return
    Potential return of 6% net per annum (comparable to fixed deposit’s 7,5% gross per annum).

  • Receive return every 3 months
    Credited directly into the investor’s saving account at predetermined payment dates.

  • 100% investment capital protection until its maturity
    Not valid if it’s disbursed prior to maturity date.


Prospektus & Fund Fact Sheet

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How to Invest in Capital Protected Fund

  1. Know your risk profile and investment goals to discover the suitable investment period

  2. Find Capital Protected Fund products that are currently or will begin their offer period

  3. Discuss your Capital Protected Fund investment strategy with DBS Treasures Relationship Manager

Seize the Capital Protected Fund investment opportunity with DBS Treasures priority banking, you can start with minimum fund placement of IDR 500 mio. Confidently make your investment move at the right momentum, with a personalised strategy communicated to you.

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