Savvy travel hacks for small budgets
27 Sep 2018

Savvy travel hacks for small budgets

As much as holidays can be a time of respite and leisure, planning for one and its financial burdens might cause you to freak out. We present 9 savvy travel tips, so you can travel without a worry on your next trip!

Daily deals for days

Ever encountered someone with knack for extreme couponing? Well, this might have saved them thousands… We are all about daily deals when it comes to vacationing. Start monitoring daily deals on pages like Groupon in the city that you’re set to travel in. Firstly, it opens up your options on what you can do in that city. Secondly, and most importantly, it saves you far more than you would if you took up a less than satisfactory tour deal.

Don’t lose your way

If you’re planning to drive, you can save quite a bit by using your smartphone instead of the rental GPS unit. Ever had a rental GPS unit switch languages mid-trip? We have, and it wasn’t fun having to pull over to figure out how to switch it back. You’re going to want to have data during your trip to share your selfies anyway, so use a mapping app like Google Maps instead. Car rental agencies will persuade and try to up-sell you on a GPS rental, but that’s dollars that you can save to spend elsewhere.

Grocery shopping saves the day

A wise person once said that the best way to experience a country was through your tummy. We agree, but eating out every meal will slim down your wallet considerably. With the popularity of home renting services like AirBnB, preparing easy meals whilst on holiday has become much easier. A trip to the supermarket to pick up ingredients for snacks or sandwiches is the way to keep both your tummy, and your wallet satisfied. Most staples like fruit, cereal and sandwich ingredients keep and travel well. Eating before you head out for the day and packing snacks will keep hunger pangs at bay!

Skip the souvenirs

A plastic Eiffel Tower with blinking blue LED lights made in China. Is that really a good memento of your trip to the most romantic city in the world? A souvenir or memento doesn’t have to be expensive, and the sheer variety when you’re in a foreign city is practically endless. If you’re a foodie, a visit to the supermarket gives you the chance to pick local fare, while night markets let you pick up inexpensive local goods too. Alternatively, go natural and collect samples of rocks or soil packed into small vials, or flowers pressed in a book whilst on the road. For free! Be sure to check local laws first though!

Remember your member perks

Membership can be worthwhile if you use them. Before booking a flight, hotel or car, check through your list of membership cards to look for perks or discounts. Some of these offer rebates or discounts, and you could save a bundle with them!