DBS Treasures has several types of Capital Protected Fund products on offer

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Instead of just saving, investing is the best way to grow your wealth. One of the popular investment instruments among investors is mutual funds. You might be familiar with conventional mutual fund transactions in equity, money market, and so on. It’s time to explore Capital Protected Fund. What is the difference between conventional mutual funds and Capital Protected Fund? What is this mutual fund really protecting? Find out more below.

Capital Protected Fund protects 100% of the investment principal until maturity and are generally allocated to debt securities (bonds) both issued by the government and corporations, hence why this mutual fund has characteristics similar to bonds in terms of its return. Usually, the composition of the investment allocation ranges from 70-100% into bonds and the rest into money market instruments. That way, the mutual fund offers a more stable return.

DBS Treasures has several types of Capital Protected Fund products on offer. One of them is Batavia Proteksi Maxima 20 or also known as BPMAX20. This product uses rupiah denomination by implementing buy and hold until maturity as its investment strategy and is allocated to investment instruments in the form of bonds. The special feature of this BPMAX20 product is the protection of the investment principal at maturity in the event of default of the debt securities (bonds), including the parties involved in the investment portfolio, where your investment capital funds are allocated.

BPMAX20 uses bond instruments including those issued by PT Astra Sedaya Finance (Rating idAAA Fitch) and PT Tower Bersama Infrastructure Tbk (Rating idAA-Fitch). PT Batavia Prosperindo Asset Management (Batavia) as one of the pioneers in the mutual fund investment industry in Indonesia acts as the manager of this product, supported by experienced and reliable personnels in managing investment strategies. As of March 2020, Batavia has ID 44.46 trillion of asset under management. For investors, BPMAX20 can also be an attractive option in balancing their investment portfolio. Investors can apply a certain time commitment to enjoy the potentially attractive returns per certain period (usually 3 months).

As an investment product managed by a credible party, BPMAX20 certainly has its own advantages, including:

  • Attractive yield potential of 6% per annum. Returns obtained from investments are distributed directly to your savings account every 3 months according to the payment date.

  • Guaranteed 100% protection of the investment principal as long as the investor holds the investment (no buying or selling of the ongoing investment) until the maturity date.

Bank DBS Indonesia, awarded the safest bank in Asia by Global Finance for 12 consecutive years (2009-2020), offers Capital Protected Fund products through priority banking DBS Treasures. There are mutual fund benefits that you can get by purchasing Capital Protected Fund investments through DBS Treasures, including:

  • Invest in trusted assets
    The Capital Protected Fund investment through DBS treasures will be managed by PT. Batavia Prosperindo Asset Management which has a good portfolio and reputation, so that your investment will be allocated in the right and strategic investment instrument, with potentially attractive returns.

  • Guide to investing wisely
    DBS Treasures has an expert financial team who is also reliable, meticulous, actual, and proactive in analysing the market and communicating the latest investment opportunities, so you can save time and discover clearly promising opportunities that suit your needs.

To be able to enjoy the benefits of Capital Protected Fund, you only need to join as a priority banking customer of DBS Treasures through fund placement starting from IDR 500 million. Once you join, you'll enjoy an intuitive wealth management strategy, so you make the right move at the right time confidently. DBS Treasures also provides a Telephone Instruction Facility. With this facility, you can do your transactions or investment activities from anywhere.

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