understanding the risk profile is one of the key strategies of mutual funds investment that can lead

Understand Your Risk Profile to Choose the Right Mutual Fund

Before you invest in an instrument, there are many things you need to learn. In investing, the right strategies and plans are needed. Otherwise, the risk of loss in investing will increase. Investing in mutual funds is no different, you also need to prepare various strategies and learn many things.

One of them is to learn about the risk profile, before deciding to invest in a product you should know your risk profile first. By understanding the risk profile, an investor can determine which product is right for them. Apart from the potential gain, another thing that must be considered is the risk level of an investment product.

The 3 Types of Investor Risk Profile

Before choosing the right product, you must understand the meaning of mutual funds. In this investment instrument, all funds raised from investors will be managed and invested in a portfolio containing various assets. In addition, understanding the risk profile is one of the key strategies of mutual funds investment that can lead to success of investors.

Even novice investors can determine the right type of product by knowing their risk profile. This risk profile will help select investment instruments and products that suit to the characteristics of investors. In general, there are 3 types of risk profiles that are categorized based on how much risk the investors are willing to take. The following is a full explanation of the 3 types of risk profiles:

  1. Conservative (Risk Averter)
    Investors among the conservative type are the type of people who have the lowest risk profile. In general, people in this category will prefer the type of investment that does not have a high level of fluctuation. They prefer to invest their funds in instruments that have a low level of risk or even almost without risk. The following are the characteristics of investors who fall into the conservative type:

    • Preferring safe and low risk investments

    • Wanting a relatively stable return

    • Avoiding a decrease in the principal investment fund

    Most of the conservative type people are novice investors who are just getting interested in the investment world. Hence they do not want to take too high a risk and prefer products that have a stable value, it is not surprising that they are dubbed as risk averters or risk avoiders. Money markets, bonds, and deposits are more suitable for conservative investors.

  2. Moderate
    Furthermore, there are investors with moderate risk profile. One could say moderate investors are in the middle, between conservative investors and aggressive investors. Moderate investors generally have medium-term investment goals. The following are the characteristics of moderate investors:

    • Wanting higher returns but are not too willing to take big risks.

    • Very careful when making decisions.

    • Preferring to invest funds in several instruments.

    Moderate type people do have a tolerance for risk when they decide to invest their funds. But they also avoid too high a risk, so they seek safe investments as backup.

  3. Aggressive
    In the last order are investors with aggressive types who have a high risk profile. People among the aggressive type are usually very prepared to face the worst risks in their investments. The following are some of the characteristics of an aggressive type of investor:

    • Taking high risks and being prepared to suffer large losses.

    • Desiring high returns.

    • Investing their funds in the long term.

    Most of the aggressive type people are investors who are used to dealing with fluctuations in capital market prices. It's no wonder that most aggressive investors are experienced investors. They are prepared if the principal investment funds are reduced or even lost in order to get high returns.

The Right Type of Mutual Funds Based on Investor's Risk Profile

After understanding the 3 types of investors based on their risk profiles, now is the time to find out the right type of mutual funds based on their risk profile. Each investment product does have a different level of risk and return value. So it is very important to consider carefully, here is a full explanation.

  1. Conservative Type Investor

    As explained above, conservative investors have the lowest risk profile. They do not like to take high investment risks. If you are a conservative type of investor, you should choose money market mutual funds. The reason is because this type of instrument has a relatively low level of risk.

    Money market mutual funds are very suitable for investors who have short-term investment goals. This investment instrument is also suitable for saving emergency funds because it is easy to disburse. That way the emergency fund can grow and increase its principal value. This is certainly more profitable when compared to saving emergency funds in a savings account.

  2. Moderate Type Investor

    Moderate investors have a risk profile that is neither too high nor low, so they are in the middle position. Investors who are moderate type usually invest their funds in equity and balanced mutual funds. Some of them are also looking for other instruments that have stable yields and less fluctuations, such as money markets and pure bonds. Just in case they experience big losses, they still gain profits from other investment instruments.

  3. Aggressive Type Investor

    If you are an aggressive type of investor, you will usually prefer investment instruments that offer high returns. Although the level of risk is quite high, aggressive type investors tend to pursue higher profits and set the risk aside. Not in a rash sense, as they had also thought carefully and devised a strategy. So that the investment can produce maximum profit.

    Aggressive type investors are more suitable to invest their funds in equity mutual funds that have higher yield potential. Some aggressive type investors sometimes also invest a small part of their funds in other instruments just in case. It becomes a strategy and anticipation against losses in their main investment asset.

Advantages of Mutual Funds Investment

What do you think mutual funds really mean? In general, this one investment is

considered an innovative investment which makes it easier for investors to reap profits. Maybe you often find many people who are interested in investing their funds in this instrument because they just follow the trend and do not know what the advantages are for sure.

In fact, it is very important to know the basic meaning of mutual funds and the advantages of each investment instrument. Knowing the advantages, you can compare one instrument with another to find the option that best suits your financial goals. Here are some advantages that you should know.

  1. Flexible
    The advantage of this investment instrument that attracts many people is that it has a high degree of flexibility. Investors can easily sell and buy products whenever they want. It is different with other investment instruments that have a set period of time or require a long time to resell.

  2. Investment Management by Professionals
    The next advantage allows investors to not bother thinking about profit maximization strategies. The reason is because all funds will be managed by an investment manager, so you don't have to bother doing analysis or reading market conditions. The investment manager will take care of it all and oversees the selection of investment instruments that can generate profits.

  3. Tax Free
    If in other investment instruments you will be charged with tax fees, it is different with investing in this one instrument. This is because this instrument is not included in the tax object, so the returns can be obtained without a tax deduction.

  4. Guaranteed Legality
    Instead of being tempted by investments that are not necessarily safe and legal, it would be better if you choose this one investment instrument. Not only is it tax free but its legality is also guaranteed and supervised by the Financial Services Authority (OJK). So the risk of fraud or misuse of investor funds is less likely.

  5. No Risk of Physical Loss
    If you choose investments such as gold, diamonds, and foreign currencies, there will be physical objects that need to be kept safe. The risk of losing it will be very high, so the level of security is up to you. In contrast to this one investment instrument, you will not lose because everything is managed and stored properly by the custodian bank.

DBS Treasures as the Right Choice for Wealth Partner

Through DBS Treasures, Bank DBS Indonesia presents priority banking as a wealth management partner that will help you simplify all investment matters. DBS Treasures is the right partner to help you manage and develop your wealth for the future. Following are the benefits that you will get when you join DBS Treasures.

  • Managed by Leading Investment Managers
    The investment manager is one of the main keys behind the success of a product. Now you don't need to hesitate because all investment products available at DBS Treasures are managed by reliable professional investment managers. They will optimise the product performance and you won't have to worry anymore when investing in products at DBS Treasures.

  • Various Insight from the Financial Expert Team to Guide Your Investment
    DBS Treasures facilitates a team of reliable and proactive financial experts to provide information about market analysis and the latest opportunities that have been personalised and consistently communicated to guide you in making confident investment decisions.

  • Diversification to Minimize Risk
    Diversification efforts will help you minimise investment risks by distributing funds to various instruments.

  • digibank by DBS Application as a Safe and Reliable Investment Tool
    Bank DBS Indonesia does not only present DBS Treasures as your wealth management partner. But also presenting the digibank by DBS Application as an option to simplify all financial matters. Through the digibank by DBS Application, you can register investor identity, buy, sell, and switch whenever and wherever you are.

DBS Treasures is the right wealth partner to support your investment needs. If you are interested in investing in mutual funds safely and reliably. You can immediately register yourself as a priority client of DBS Treasures with a minimum placement of IDR 500 million. Register now to become a priority customer of DBS Treasures and gain all the conveniences.

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