IDEAL Connect

Improve operational efficiencies and lower costs

IDEAL Connect

Improve operational efficiencies and lower costs

At a Glance
DBS IDEAL Connect is a host-to-host solution that makes your daily business processes faster and easier.

Simple On-boarding

Choose the most appropriate software for integration


Straight through processing and highly customised pre-processing and routing


Stay on top of file transfer activity with timely alerts

Features & Benefits

Choose the most appropriate software

Without being tied to proprietary terms or software, the on-boarding process is standardised and simple

Be assured of data confidentiality

IDEAL Connect deploys stringent security with highly sophisticated encryption technology

State-of-the-art technology

IDEAL Connect supports high volumes of transactions and large files easily

How it Works

How to Apply

Contact your Relationship Manager or e-mail DBS BusinessCare at [email protected]

Who needs IDEAL Connect?

IDEAL Connect is ideal if you:

  • have a large volume of transactions
  • have customised business pre-processing rules, e.g. reformatting of files, merging/splitting of files etc.
  • require a high level of automation
How long does it take to set up IDEAL Connect?

We can have you up and running with IDEAL Connect in 4 to 6 weeks. Including all testing before you go live.

How do I know my files have been successfully received?

IDEAL Connect will send you real-time email alerts on the status of your file transfers.

What types of transactions can I carry out?

You can complete a wide range of payment transactions with IDEAL Connect, such as:

  • Account Transfer
  • SKN Transfer
  • RTGS Transfer
  • Telegraphic Transfer
  • Payroll Payment