Profitable Investment When Rupiah Weakens

Find out what are the best investments you can do when the rupiah is dropping here.


A few months ago, the rupiah against the US dollar drastically weakened. The decrease became a topic of talk among Indonesian netizens. People were worried, negative comments when the rupiah was in a worrisome conditions dominated the talk, whereas though this event can be profitable by a proper investment.

Therefore, you may not need to panic over weakening rupiah. Here are 3 investments that are potentially profitable even at times when rupiah is weakening:

  1. Saving Dollars

Having savings in dollars is not a new investment in Indonesia, but this method is still considered effective to get a decent profit when the rupiah weakens. It’s easy to make this investment. You only need to buy dollars when the rupiah strengthens, then sell the dollar when the rupiah weakens.

  1. Buy Gold

Contrary to dollar investment, when the rupiah is weakening, gold price tends to go down. This is the best time for you to invest. But you must be more patient when you reap the benefits of this type of investment, because the right time to sell gold is when the value of the rupiah strengthens. If you want to invest in the long term, investing in gold is the best answer.

  1. Bond Retail (ORI)

ORI is a good investment to do when the rupiah is weakening. Retail bonds have fewer risks because the state backs up this investment. ORI itself is a state bond sold to Indonesian citizens individually through a sales agent.

Certainly, there are many things you can do besides investing in dollars, gold or ORI. But before deciding what kind of investment to do, a program such as DBS’s Multi-Currency Account (MCA) can help you manage your money when there is a fluctuation in the value of the rupiah.

DBS MCA is a program where you can organize your finances into more than 12 currencies. With DBS MCA, each investment or business transaction with a different currency will be managed as effectively and efficiently as possible, of course with a cost solution that can make higher profit from your investment or business.