4 Advantages of Running Your Own Business

Going on a business by yourself? Why not? Here are the 4 benefits of it.


Having a business partner might be a popular consideration for those who are still having doubts in doing business. If you have business partners, you may feel more confident and overcome business risks together with partners. In the other hand, running business by yourself is also an exciting thing and has many advantages.

Check these following benefits out that will make you consider in running business with you as single owner:

  1. Make Your Dream Come True

Many people dream to own a business, but not many people can have a dream that suits themselves. By building a business by yourself, you can choose what kind of industry you want to focus on, the concept that you want to apply, and create and innovate according to what you’ve been dreaming of. Of course it will be different if you have a business partner, you certainly have to discuss and compromise things first with them.

  1. Enjoy Full Achievement and Results

Imagine if your business is successful and gains a lot of profits. You will definitely feel very proud of the results of your own hard work all this time. You will have 100% of the achievement and the profit. In addition, you can also use the success of your business to open up jobs and make you feel more meaningful in life by helping others.

  1. Improve Skills in Business

When doing business by yourself, you are certainly required to continue learning about business. Learn about leadership, managing employees, marketing products and so on. Over the time, you will improve your business skills and understand business better. There is no reason for you not to learn because all depends only on you.

  1. No Need to Worry of Being Fired

There is still a possibility of dismissal or termination of cooperation if you have a business partner. For example, your vision and mission are not align that makes you and your partner have to choose different path while doing business. This is certainly very unexpected. It’s different if you run a business alone, there will be no fear of being fired. In fact, you are responsible for determining and terminating for your own company employees.

Those are four points that could be profitable for you who want to run a business without partner. In addition to these 4 beneficial things, of course there are risks that you must face too later on. But don’t worry, DBS and its commitment to help business growth in Indonesia has a program that can facilitate every business person in running their business, namely DBS IDEAL ™ Mobile App.

Through DBS IDEAL™ Mobile App, you can run and manage each of your business transactions anytime and anywhere. You can monitor income, expenses, payments to suppliers or even hire employees. With DBS IDEAL™ Mobile App, you will be more confident in running your business without a partner