Service Charges

Service Charges

A Rp 200,000 monthly service charges will be charged if the average balance OR end of the month balance is below Rp 500,000,000,-

See table below for further illustration:







End of the month Rp 500,000,000 Rp 550,000,000 Rp 450,000,000 Rp 450,000,000  
Average 1 month Rp 500,000,000 Rp 450,000,000 Rp 500,000,000 Rp 450,000,000  
Fee chargeable 0 0 0 Rp 200,000  
Debit amount reflected         Rp 200,000
in statement         in May for the fee

When is the service charges debited from my account?

The service charges is calculated on monthly basis, therefore we will debit the amount at the following month.

What is the transaction description for the service charges?

If you refer to your Treasures statement, the description for the Service charges will be reflected as Code: SCM 01

Which account will you be debiting the service charges against if I have more than one account with DBS?

For your convenience, the monthly service charges will be debiting against the Saving IDR. If you do not have one, the proposed order of debiting will be Saving in other currency.

What if I need further clarifications on the service charges?

You can contact your Treasures Relationship Manager for clarifications. 

If I have a Joint  Account at DBS, from which Account the service charge will be debited?

Charges will be debited from the first Account holder