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How to Access digibot



digibot is a virtual assistant feature from digibank to assist customers when they have

questions, such as product availability at digibank, how to open an account, best features at digibank, and other information that can be access quickly and easily.

There are many helpful features that digibot offers:

  • Welcome Message Feature
    You can directly select the category of questions you want to ask on digibot chat column.
  • Hamburger Menu Feature
    You can choose the product you want to inquire about, and the answer will immediately appear on your screen.
  • Dynamic FAQ Feature
    Have several questions in your mind? Ask questions as many as you want and this feature will provide the answer in real time, such as “How to Register” or “How to Check Your Account Opening Status” and so on.
  • Chat FAQ
    You also can type your question and you will receive the answer immediately on your screen. Hassle free!
  • Chat with Live Agent
    You can still ask DBS agents directly through digibot regarding problems that you have.

You can access digibot before Login and after Logging In:

  • Pre-Login
    1. Open the digibank by DBS App
    2. Select the chat icon at the top right of the login page
    3. You can ask about digibank products and how to register. However, to access all digibot features, you still have to login.
  • Post Login
    There are 3 ways to access digibot in Post Login:
    • Open the digibank by DBS App and login. On the “Home” page, select the chat icon in top right to open digibot post login.
    • Open the digibank by DBS App and login. On the “More” page select the chat icon in top right to open digibot post login.
    • Open the digibank by DBS App and login. On the “Other” page select Disclaimer Transaction, then select the chat icon on the top right to open the digibot post login.

  • Reset your digibank password
  • Investment products (Mutual Funds, Bonds, etc.), and U
  • Savings products: MAXI, Deposito, etc.
  • digibank Credit Card Activation
  • digibank Credit Card Promo
  • Bayar dan Beli Feature
  • How to open a digibank account
  • Talk to Live Agents
  • List of transactions that can be done through digibank
  • Technical problems on digibank application
  • digibank Credit Card annual fee

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