At a Glance

Free admin fees to transact at ease.


Saving first and enjoying free transfer anytime later.


Saving more and getting FREE cash withdrawals at any ATM on the ALTO/ATM Bersama/PRIMA network.



Features & Benefits

  1. Free transfer anytime to anywhere.

    By having a minimum average balance per month of Rp5 million, you can freely transfer to any bank without worrying about admin fees. Only at your digibank by DBS application!

    Read the terms in the table below:

    digibank Balance

    Transfer Method

    Transfer Fee

    Balance IDR0 - Rp4,999,999

    BI Fast, Real Time Online (RTOL), SKN, dan RTGS via the digibank by DBS

    BI Fast: Free

    RTOL: IDR5,000,-

    SKN: IDR2,900,-

    RTGS: IDR20,000,-

    Balance ≥ IDR5,000,000


    No Minimum Balance

    Real Time Online via ATM


    digibank balance is calculated from the average daily balance of all digibank products (Savings, Time Deposits, Maxi Savings, Bonds, and Mutual Funds) in the previous month.

  2. Enjoy hassle-free cash withdrawals and balance checks and save money.

    With digibank, you can withdraw cash freely from ALTO/ATM Bersama/PRIMA/VISA/PLUS Network ATMs for the first 5 transactions each month. For more terms, check the table below:

    Cash Withdrawal

    Via ATM DBS


    Via ATMs of Other Banks or the ALTO/PRIMA/VISA/PLUS Network.

    Free 5x withdrawal/bulan.

    You will be charged IDR7,500 for the 6th withdrawal and so on.

    Balance Inquiries

    Via ATM DBS


    Via ATMs of Other Banks or the ALTO/PRIMA/VISA/PLUS Network.


  3. Everything is easy peasy with digibank.

    There are lots of benefits and conveniences that you can get by using the application.



  1. How to Transfer Online to Other Banks and Free Transfer Fees via the digibank application by DBS?

    1. Login to your digibank by DBS App account

    2. Select the transfer button on the app homepage

    3. Click transfer to

    4. Click new recipient

    5. Select Recipient Bank

    6. Enter the destination account number

    7. Click next

    8. Type the transfer amount

    9. Click transfer method

    10. Choose BI-FAST or Realtime online

    11. Click next

    12. Check recipient name

    13. Click next

    14. Check the data that appears make sure all the data is correct

    15. Click next

    16. Type the password then click authentication

    17. Done

  2. Terms for Free Interbank Transfer

    Interbank transactions in the Digibank application will not incur additional fees. However, of course there are certain terms and conditions where you must have a minimum balance of IDR 5 million.



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