MiFirst Life Protector (MiFLIP)

At a Glance

Sum Assured Up To IDR 1 Billion

Life protection with coverage up to IDR1 Billion.

Instant Without Medical Check Up

Instantly have Life Insurance with no medical check up needed.

Decide Your Own Insurance Premium

Feel free to set your own insurance premium based on your needs.

100% Guarantee Get Your Insurance Premium Back

Your insurance premium will be given 100% back to you if you don't claim anything during the period coverage.

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Featured & Benefits


  1. Death Benefit or Permanent Total Disability

    1. Death or Permanent Total Incapacity due to accidents starting from the first year of the policy, or

    2. Death or Permanent Total Disability due to another cause (illness) starting from the second year policy onwards.

      Total Benefit for These Causes = Monthly Premium X Multiplier.

      The multiplier refers to the following table:









  2. End of Coverage Benefits

    At the end of the coverage period, you have the right to receive a 100% back of all premiums that has been paid if there is no outstanding premium and coverage is still active.

Benefits Illustration

Benefits Illustration


Is there any age limit to register for this product?

The entry age limit is 18-50 years old, where the maximum entry age and coverage period selected is <= 58 years old.

Do I need to answer the Questions of Health?

Yes, there are Questions of Health that should be agreed to know the condition of prospective insured when joining this insurance program.

What are the requirements to be able to join this insurance program?

Digibank by DBS customers who are meet the criteria including age limit, in good health condition, and do not have the MiFirst Life Protector product that exceeds the requirement.

What are the exceptions?

Exceptions refer to the provisions of the policy, including but not limited to: injuries or illnesses that arise directly or indirectly due to war, treatment due to alcoholic beverages or prohibited substances, suicide, AIDS, and military duty (full details can be found in the policy document).

How do I pay my premi?

The premium will be deducted directly from the credit card or debit card that you used at the time of purchase (mandatory card in your own name), for the first premi and the following premi (renewal). Renewal payments will be made every month according to the policy’s effective date. Please make sure the card is active and your debit / credit card has been allowed by the card issuing bank to be used for online payment purposes.

How do I request for the Claim?

The claim need to be submitted to Manulife Indonesia in written within 90 calendar days after the Participants die or 180 calendar days after the Participants suffer from Total Permanent Disability.

I do not understand the term Total Permanent Disability?

Disability experienced by the Insured is comprehensive, permanent, and cannot be cured/irreversible, where the Insured can no longer perform any work that generates salary or income continuously within 180 (one hundred and eighty) consecutive calendar days.

I do not understand the term Other Cause?

Other Cause is a Cause that arise other than the result of an accident, namely illness.

How can I pay MiFirst Life Protector (MiFLIP) monthly premi?

Monthly premi payment will be using the same debit card or credit card used for the first payment when customer purchase MiFirst Life Protector.

How can I change the debit card or credit card number for my MiFirst Life Protector (MiFLIP) monthly premi payment?

You can contact Manulife Indonesia contact center as the provider of MiFLIP at (021)-25557777. Please prepare your policy and identity (national id) number. For detail, check here.

How can I change my data related to MiFirst Life Protector (MiFLIP) policy?
You can contact Manulife Indonesia contact center as the provider of MiFLIP at (021)-25557777. Please prepare your policy and identity (national id) number. For detail, check here.
How can I request a claim for my MiFirst Life Protector (MiFLIP)?

You can request a claim in Manulife Indonesia website via the “Claim” button on your digibank policy page.

How can I cancel my MiFirst Life Protector (MiFLIP) policy?
You can request for policy cancellation by sending email to Manulife Indonesia [email protected]. For more details, terms and conditions, check here.
What’s the condition and when can I get my MiFirst Life Protector (MiFLIP) premi back?

After the period of Policy ends, if there is no claim during the insurance coverage period, the final benefit of coverage will be paid in the form of 100% premium that customer has paid.

What does it mean with free look period?

Free Look Period is the period set by insurance company for policy holder to read up and ensure that the contents of the policy are in accordance with the desires and needs of the policy holder. For MiFirst Life Protector insurance the free look period is 14 calendar days from the receipt date of the policy.

When will I receive my MiFirst Life Protector (MiFLIP) policy after I do the transaction and via what channel?

Manulife will send the electronic policy (ePolicy) to your email address (1 working day). Manulife will also send hardcopy of the policy summary to your residential address.

An Easy Way To Register MiFLIP Life Insurance

Apply Now through digibank application by DBS.


MiFirst Life Protection is a product by PT Asuransi Jiwa Manulife Indonesia and marketed by Bank DBS Indonesia. Information on this page is only general information about the insurance products, the protection that you will have, and the exceptions of its protection. Please access PT Asuransi Jiwa Manulife Indonesia page for further product information. MiFirst Life Protection products are not guaranteed by DBS Bank Indonesia and or guaranteed by the Government of the Republic of Indonesia Indonesia. Both Bank DBS Indonesia and PT Asuransi Jiwa Manulife Indonesia are licensed and supervised by OJK.