Funds Disbursement

At a Glance

The loan disbursement process can be initiated through the digibank by DBS app. See how it works.

Step by Step

fund disbursement.

  1. Enter your account information to disburse the funds.
  2. Select the recipient account.
  3. Enter the amount to be disbursed.
  4. Ensure the details of the information entered are correct. If yes click “LANJUT” on the confirmation page.
  5. Click “SETUJU” on the terms & conditions.
  6. Enter your digibank mobile banking password.
  7. Your funds disbursement should be successful.

Fund from digibank Cashline that can be disbursed through the application is only the fund that comes from a card in an active condition.


On funds disbursement:

  1. Customer is not able to change the sender of funds
  2. Customer is able to send funds disbursed to a DBS account or other bank’s account under the Customer’s own name
  3. If there is a slight difference between the sender’s account name and the receipient’s account name, funds disbursement will still be processed.
  4. Minimum amount for funds disbursement is IDR 1.000.000,- but is subjected to change
  5. Notifications entered for funds disbursement should not contain special characters.
  6. Free transfer funds but subjected to change from time to time
  7. If funds disbursement from digibank Cashline is unsuccessful, then Customer will receive a notification reading: “Maaf, pencairan dana Kamu belum berhasil. Limit digibank Cashline yang sudah terpotong akan dikembalikan paling lambat 2 hari kerja.”