Customer Data Update
    Customer Data Update

    Why is it important to update the data?

    Bank needs accurate customer data to send OTP codes, transaction notifications, and other banking information. Data update is required to ensure that you can transact safely and comfortably.

    What are the benefits of data update?
    • Ensure that the Bank uses your latest data as a reference.
    • Facilitate the verification and transaction process across all channels and Bank services.
    • Protects you from data misuse and crime by irresponsible parties
    What types of customer data do you need to update?
    • Personal Identity: E-KTP, Paspor/KIMS/KITAS
    • Correspondence address (home, office and e-mail)
    • Contact data (mobile number, landline, and office)
    How to update the data?
    • digibank by DBS application
    • DBSI Customer Center at 08041500327 or +6221 29852888 (from outside Indonesia)
    • Come to the nearest DBS Indonesia branch
    What are the risks if the customer does not update the data?
    • Bank is unable to identify the suitability of the profile with the customer's transaction
    • There is a risk of credit card misuse due to SIM Card Recycle mode by irresponsible parties
    Fraud mode related to customer data misuse

    SIM Card Recycle

    When you change your mobile number, the Mobile Network Operator will activate and resell the number within a certain period of time. This process is known as SIM Card Recycle. Fraudster can buy back the number and misuse your credit card.

    If you do not update the data regarding the change in your mobile number to the bank, fraudsters can use this loophole by buying your recycled number and misusing your credit card for transactions.

    Fraudsters who already know your credit card details (card number, expiry date, CVV code) can then easily transact online using the OTP code which will be sent to your old number. 

    For this reason, it is important to inform the bank if there is a change in your mobile number, to ensure that the OTP code is sent to your new number.