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You can pay digibank credit card easily

through Another Bank ATM, Account and Clearing

How to Pay Credit Card Bill Through ATM or Another Bank Account

Partnership ATMs

digibank partnership ATMs: BCA, Maybank, BNI, BRI, Bukopin, Danamon, Mandiri, CIMB Niaga, Panin, Permata and OCBC. Pay Credit Card bill on partnership ATMs:

  • Choose “Lainnya”
  • Choose “Pembayaran”
  • Choose “Pembayaran Kartu Kredit DBS”
  • Enter your digibank Credit Card number
  • Confirm
  • Choose “Lanjut”
  • Payment Confirmation


ATM Bersama / Alto / Prima Network

  • Choose “Transfer/Pemindahbukuan”
  • Enter bank code + Addressed bank account: 046 + your digibank Credit Card number
  • Enter the amount of payment
  • Leave reference number blank
  • Confirmation

To Account: your digibank Credit Card number

To Bank: DBS Indonesia

Name: digibank Credit Card owner

Reference number: xxx total amount: your total payment

  • Choose “Lanjut”
  • Payment confirmation


Clearing at Another Bank

Credit Card Payments through cashiers in all Banks in Indonesia use the National Clearing System (SKN) with the following information:

Addressed Bank: DBS Indonesia

Branch: Jakarta

Account Name: Credit Card Owner Name in Charge

Account Number: Your digibank Credit Card Number

Description: Depositor name, telephone number and address


  • Please pay your credit card bill on time to avoid interest fees and / or late fees.
  • Ensure that the Credit Card payment is received by the DBS Bank no later than the due date.
  • The due date that coincides with a holiday (Sunday/National Holiday) will be postponed to the next working day.
  • Every cash withdrawal and/or credit card payment that is not paid off and/or usage exceeds the limit, will be charged with a credit card interest rate with applicable regulations.
  • For more information, please visit the Rates and Fees