Beware of Scams!

Be alert if you receive a call from a caller ID that resembles DBSI Customer Centre number.

DBSI Customer Centre number 0804 1500327 and 1500 327 are solely for receiving incoming calls.

PT Bank DBS Indonesia never asks for customer’s personal data such as card details (card number, CVV, expiry date), OTP, PIN, or Password via email, SMS, call, or any social media.

Keep your personal data private. 

One-time use password for transaction security, generally online transactions. Online transactions with a verified OTP will be fully be the responsibility of the customer.

  1. Fraudster uses the application to change the caller ID to resemble DBSI Customer Centre number
  2. Fraudster uses victim’s credit card information to make an online transaction by entering this information and requires OTP for the transaction to be successful
  3. Fraudster calls the victim pretends to be DBS staff and tries to convince his/her to reveal the OTP
  4. OTP that has been obtained then used to complete the transaction

  1. Do not fill in any personal data on suspicious links
  2. Close the CVV (3-digit code on the back of the credit card) if necessary
  3. Be alert if you receive a call from a caller ID that resembles DBSI Customer Centre number
  4. Do not share your OTP to anyone, including those who claim to be DBS staff


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