At a Glance

Do you have extra money and don’t know how to spend it?

With digibank by DBS, you can make your money grow! Apply for a deposit account right away.

Starting from 1 million rupiah with one month minimum.


Up to 5% interest



Features & Benefits

Up to 5% interest p.a.
With a up to 5% deposit interest rate, you can use your interest accrual for a vacation or to make your other dreams come true. For more info about deposito click here.

Deposit through the app
Forget the hassle of going to a bank! Just open the digibank app by DBS and you can deposit money anytime, anywhere.


Fixed Deposit

IDR 1.000.000 -< IDR 4.999.9994.00%4.00%4.00%4.00%4.00%
IDR 5.000.000 -< IDR 9.999.9994.00%4.00%4.00%4.00%4.00%
IDR 10.000.000 -< IDR 19.999.9994.75%4.75%4.50%4.50%4.50%
IDR 20,000.000 -< IDR 49.999.9995.00%5.00%4.50%4.50%4.50%
IDR 50.000.000 -< IDR 99.999.9995.00%5.00%4.50%4.50%4.50%
IDR 100.000.000 -< IDR 399.999.9995.00%5.00%4.50%4.50%4.50%
IDR 400.000.000 -< IDR 499.999.9994.75%4.75%4.50%4.50%4.50%
IDR 500.000.000 -< IDR 99.999.999.999.9994.15%4.15%4.15%4.15%4.15%

T&C Deposit


How to Apply

Open a deposit account with no hassle. Simply use the digibank app by DBS.

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