What is digibank KTA?
digibank KTA is an instant credit solution that gives you the ease to get unsecured loan, with fixed installments and payment tenor from 6, 12, 18 and 36 months
What are the requirements for submitting a KTA loan?

To apply digibank KTA, you have to comply with the requirements below:

1. Have electronic ID
2. Age from 21 to 60 years old (by the time loan period ends)
3. Domiciled at Jabodetabek, Bandung, Semarang or Surabaya
4. Minimum salary IDR3,000,000 per month

What are the required documentation to apply for digibank KTA?
No other documents needed, except electronic ID (e-KTP)
How much is the credit limit from digibank KTA?
The credit limit starts from IDR 3,000,000 to IDR 80,000,000.
If you already have a digibank by DBS account, how do you apply digibank KTA?
You can login to digibank by DBS App and select Personal Loan from the main menu.
If there is a name title in my electronic ID, should I put the name title when applying for digibank KTA?
Yes. You should put your name exactly as stated in your electronic ID when applying for digibank KTA for easier profile checking.
Why do we have to download digibank by DBS to apply digibank KTA?
digibank KTA application process will be done digitally with instant approval for your convenience, that’s why we urge you to download digibank by DBS App.
Why DBS Bank didn't call back after I fill the loan application form?
digibank KTA submission process will be done through a secured web and/or digibank by DBS App, so you will not be contacted by phone, except during biometric verification (with digibank agent).
After submiting the application through the secured web, how long is the loan application process?
You will find out if you are eligible or not, instantly. Make sure you complete every required field during your application, including the biometric verification process with a digibank agent. If the biometric verication is successful, we will disburse your fund instantly to your digibank savings account.
When do you have to pay your loan instalment?
The installment payment due date is based on the date your loan is disbursed. You can find the installment payment due date in your digibank by DBS App and in the Credit Agreement which you receive through your e-mail address.
How do you pay digibank KTA instalment?
digibank KTA instalment payment can be done through autodebit from your digibank Savings on the due date. To enable the autodebit, make sure you have sufficient balance in your digibank Savings account at least one day before due date.
How do you top up your digibank Savings balance?
  1. You can top up you balance via Bank transfer, either from the counter, ATM or internet/mobile banking.
  2. Choose PT BANK DBS INDONESIA (bank code: 046)
  3. Enter your digibank Savings account by clicking 'Lihat Rekening' in the digibank by DBS App main menu.
  4. Follow next instruction from the bank.
  5. Check your balance in digibank by DBS App main page to make sure your digibank Savings balance have been topped up.
Are there other ways to pay our digibank KTA loan?
Yes, there are 2 ways to pay your digibank KTA bills:
  1. Via ATM Bersama / ATM Prima:
    • Choose ""Transfer / Pemindahbukuan""
    • Enter Bank Code + Account Number: 046 + your digibank KTA account number
    • Follow the next instructions.
  2. Via SKN at the nearest DBS branch, your destination account number is your digibank KTA loan account number. You can find your digibank KTA loan account number in your digibank by DBS App or in the Credit Agreement that have been sent through to you via email.
What will happen if the balance in my account is insufficient for autodebit?
First, make sure you have balance in your digibank account. The bank will still debit from your account even if your balance is insufficient. But if your balance is insufficient and and you are unable to make full repayments as soon as possible, this can affect your credit quality and credit collectibility status at the Financial Services Authority (OJK).
Can we do loan payments through a convenience store?
At the mean time loan payments can only be done through autodebit feature via your digibank Savings or through transfers (SKN) at the nearest DBS branch.
How do you see you payment status?
You can check your payment status in the Personal Loan page in your digibank by DBS App and check the Personal Loan transaction history.
Will digibank KTA send billing reminder by e-mail?
digibank KTA will send billing reminder by e-mail and SMS to remind you of the future payment schedule.
What if the due date falls on weekends or national holidays?
Autodebit will be done on the previous business day, for example:

the due date of January 25 falls on Saturday, then the autodebit will be effective on January 24 on Friday.
What if the payment is past due date?
You have a maximum of 30 days from the transaction date to pay the bill. If you fail to pay, you will be charged a late fee that will be billed on the next month's bill. This can affect credit quality and credit collectibility status at the Financial Services Authority (OJK).
What if you haven't paid the bill?
You have a maximum of 30 days from the transaction date to pay the bill. If you fail to pay, you will be charged a late fee that will be billed on the next month's bill. This can affect your credit quality and credit collectibility status at the Financial Services Authority (OJK).
How much is the late fee and when will you start paying?
Late fees start from IDR 150,000 depending on the principal amount of the loan and you can find the information on the Credit Agreement for digibank KTA. You can see the details of fees through this link. Late fees will be billed in the following month's installments.
Can you cancel or repay the loan early? If possible, how?
If you have received funds from the KTA loan, you can pay off your loan early by contacting the DBSI Customer Center at 0804 1500 327 or +62 21 298 52888 from outside Indonesia, and you will be charged a cancellation fee of 8% of the loan amount.
Where can you see the status of the submission at KTA?
DBS will inform you about the status of your digibank KTA application via SMS and e-mail.
Whats the difference between digibank KTA and Dana Bantuan Sahabat
digibank KTA is an Unsecured Loan that you can get by registering thru digibank by DBS Appwith an instan approval.

While Dana Bantuan Sahabat is an Unsecured Loan by DBS Indonesia that you can get by registering thru regular process (besides digibank by DBS App)

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Where can you get the following information:
1. What is the number of the ongoing installment?
2. How much is the amount of my installments per month?
3. When is my loan settlement date?
4. Where can I review the digibank KTA transaction history?
5. How much is the interest on my digibank KTA installment?

You can get these informations through the digibank by DBS App. Select "Personal Loan" to get details about:

1. Number of ongoing installment, you can see the information in point A in the illustration below.
2. The amount of your monthly installments, you can see the information in point B in the illustration below.
3. Your loan settlement date can be found in point C in the illustration below.
4. Your transaction history can be found in point D in the illustration below.
5. Interest on your loan instalment can be found in point E in the illustration below.
When can I get the Loan Settlement Letter?
We will send the settlement letter through your e-mail no later than 1 week after you have settled all your digibank KTA instalment.
Where can you read the digibank KTA privacy policy?
You can read about our Privacy Policy here.
Where can I read the digibank KTA terms and conditions?
You can find our Terms and Conditions here.