Fair dealing commitment
Fair dealing commitment

Chairman, DBS Board and Senior Management are committed to deliver fair dealing outcomes for our customers.

As a bank born and bred in Asia, we believe in building relationships with our customers and doing the right thing by our customers. Applying these principles to our day to day business activities, we commit to:

  • only sell products and services that are suitable for our customers;
  • ensure our sales staff are thoroughly trained and equipped with the necessary knowledge and skills to provide quality information to our customers;
  • be clear and transparent to our customers, keep them fully informed;
  • be responsive to our customers' needs and requests, attend to complaints promptly and effectively.
  • BS has taken proactive steps to build towards delivering fair dealing outcomes for our consumer banking customers in Singapore. We have:
  • strengthened our sales process, putting in expanded fact finding process, enhanced risk disclosure and additional customer-product suitability checks;
  • stepped up staff training and testing our staff on their product knowledge and skills regularly;
  • continued to ensure that our staff remuneration is based on a balanced scorecard approach, taking into account quality of the fact find process and customer satisfaction.
  • BS will continue to put in place best practices, so as to uphold the standards expected of a leading bank in Asia.