Watching Idol Concert with digibank Savings
01 Apr 2024

Watching Idol Concert with digibank Savings

For music fans, watching idol concerts is an exciting thing. Moreover, there are many types of music concerts that you can enjoy, ranging from Indonesian bands, foreign bands, or concerts of K-Pop groups that are your favorites. It could be that watching an idol concert is on your wishlist this year. Well, in order to be able to watch concerts with guaranteed accommodation, digibank Friends need to prepare a special savings fund to watch concerts.

Concert announcements are usually made well in advance. Early ticket prices are also usually cheaper. If you are eyeing a concert in 2024, immediately prepare enough funds to buy tickets and accommodations. Follow the headache-free saving tips in this article!

Watching Idol Concert without any hassle with digibank Savings

Buy the most exciting concert tickets using your own savings. You can enjoy your favorite music, while at the same time getting used to managing funds for your desired financial goals. However, saving regularly and consistently is not as easy as saying. So that digibank Friends can collect some money to buy idol concert tickets without headaches, apply the following savings tips.

1. Create a Separate Savings

The easiest way to save money to buy idol concert tickets is to open a separate savings account. This method allows you to manage your finances better, for daily needs, other desires, and watching concerts. A separate account also ensures that the saved funds in it are not used for other things. In addition to a separate account, you can also utilize the wallet feature to separate the saved fund posts with different purposes.

2. Find Out the Budget Needed

You need to know the amount of funds needed to watch a concert. For example, concert tickets to watch the girl band IVE from South Korea who will have a concert at ICE-BSD in August 2024 are priced from IDR1,225,000 to IDR3,225,000. Choose the concert class you want and then add the cost of accommodation and transportation from home to the venue. Safe and comfortable transportation and accommodation options also determine the total amount of money you need.

3. Find Additional Income

Finding additional income is another way that you can do to meet the needs of watching idol concerts. This method can help you save faster, and you can even have more savings to get more comfortable accommodation and transportation. You can earn extra income through the internet or do a side hustle from your hobby. Take advantage of freelancer sites or platforms that provide many part-time jobs. You can work on weekends or after work.

4. Limit Your Spending

You should also limit your spending, especially on unnecessary things. Bring your own food from home and use your lunch money to add to your concert savings. Also, cut back on going to cafes after work, buying snacks, and cancel subscriptions you don't really need. This way, you can reach your savings target faster and avoid going into debt to buy concert tickets for your favorite artist. Manage your expenses well by prioritizing main needs, other additional needs, and saving.

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5. Set a Savings Deadline

Next, you need to set a savings deadline for the concert. For example, if the IVE concert is in August 2024 and you need IDR5,000,000 for tickets, accommodation, and transportation, make sure to have the money ready by July 2024 at the latest.

Calculate how much time you have from now to figure out the amount you need to set aside each month from your income. For example, if you need IDR5,000,000 and have 3 months to save, you should set aside around IDR1,700,000 each month into your concert savings account. Setting a savings deadline will help you stay consistent and motivated in saving.

6. Create a Savings Schedule and Plan

Set a regular savings schedule and plan that you can consistently follow. If you prefer daily saving, you could set aside IDR50,000 to IDR75,000 each day until your self-determined deadline. Alternatively, you might find it more convenient to save 10% to 20% of your salary each month until your savings deadline or when concert tickets go on sale.

This schedule and plan will make you more diligent, motivated, and consistent in saving. You will also be able to monitor the progress of the funds you've saved for your favorite concert.

7. Focus on Buying Tickets First Before Merchandise

Besides wanting to attend the concert, you might also want to buy merchandise like light sticks, posters, photobooks, and CDs to complete your collection. It's natural to want these things as a fan, but they shouldn't be your main priority. Focus first on buying the concert ticket, as well as covering accommodation and transportation.

These things are equally important, especially if you live far from the concert venue or plan to attend a concert abroad. As for merchandise and souvenirs after the concert, you can consider them once your primary needs are covered. This is why finding additional income, as mentioned earlier, is useful. It allows you to meet these other desires more comfortably.

Watching a concert of your favorite idol is a dream for many, and you might be one of them. The best way to make this dream come true is by saving money and managing your finances better. To attend your idol's concert without any stress, you can open a special savings account with digibank by DBS, which offers high annual interest rates. This will help you manage your finances and achieve various dreams more easily.

digibank by DBS account offers convenient banking services, starting from a fully digital account opening process. You only need to prepare your e-KTP and take a selfie for face biometric verification. The saving process is also very practical, as all daily transactions can be done online using just one app.

With the Tabungan Maxi account, you can go beyond regular saving by using 20 Dompet Maxi to allocate your funds according to specific goals. These pockets allow you to organize your money effectively based on your needs. For example, you can create a pocket named "IVE Concert Fund" to save specifically for attending the IVE concert. This personalized approach makes saving more engaging and purposeful.

Your idol's concert is just around the corner! Don't miss the opportunity to witness the concert live. Prepare your funds and start applying stress-free saving tips like the ones mentioned above right away! Check out more detailed information about digibank by DBS products here.