Digibank KTA Instan Get You Loan Approval in 60 Seconds
12 Jun 2019

Digibank KTA Instan Get You Loan Approval in 60 Seconds

What kind of activities are you passionate about? It could be traveling around the world, taking pictures of beautiful scenery, or as simple as cooking at home. Whatever it is, if it’s really your thing then you can make a promising business opportunity out of it. Say, when you’re traveling abroad you can get country-specific stuff to sell it to people in your home country. Or maybe you can build a catering business in your own kitchen.


But you gotta remember that you’d need financial support for your passion, especially when you wanna make money out of it. Luckily, digibank has a new loan solution for you to do just that. KTA Instan, our instant collateral-free loan, will help you fulfil your passion in just 60 seconds. Not only that, digibank KTA Instan will always be there whenever you need it and there’s absolutely no hassle about it. Let’s check it out!


There are two ways that you can do to apply for loan at digibank KTA Instan. The first one is only for you who’s already registered as a digibank by DBS customer and use the digibank app. All you need to do is click the hamburger button at the top left of the screen, choose digibank Personal Loan and provide all the required data. That’s it. In less than 60 seconds you will be notified about the initial approval and the money will be transferred to your digibank Savings in minutes. You can get up to Rp30 million from it and yes, you read it right, it’s really that quick. How cool is that?


No digibank account? No worries. You can still apply for KTA Instan here. The process is just the same and all you need to prepare is your electronic ID card, no other document necessary. However, when you get your initial approval, you need to download the digibank app to open your account, because the money can only be transferred to a digibank account. As usual, no hassle. Because even when we need your biometric verification, digibank agents will come to you at your specified time.


Both ways are available everyday, yes, 24/7. Anytime you want, you can apply for our loan solution at digibank KTA Instan. And you don’t need to worry, we have a variety of installment options ranging up to 36 months.


Now, if there’s an easy way like digibank KTA Instan, why settle for slow and complicated ones out there? Especially with those debt collecting cases that could involve our closest ones. Don’t take those risks. For digibank, customer’s data is a priority, so we make sure your privacy securely locked tight. 


For complete information about digibank KTA Instan, from requirements, interest rate illustration, fees, FAQ, to terms and conditions, please check them out here!