30 Aug 2023

10 Easy Ways to Become a Responsible Traveler

Living with full awareness to maintain environmental sustainability can be done from anywhere, including when we are traveling. Did you know that there are many benefits that can be taken when traveling? Not only for the travelers to gain valuable experiences by visiting new places and interacting with local residents, but also for the local residents to increase their income, which will be used to improve infrastructure and also improve their quality of life. In addition, these local residents also have more opportunity to introduce their culture to the wider community.

However, don’t let your traveling activities leave a negative trace for the locals and the environment. Follow these tips to become a responsible traveler!

  1. Research About the Place You’re Visiting, Including the Local Language
    Bring and use clothes according to the citizens’ values, such as dressing modestly if that is the norm. When you’re taking pictures of the locals, don’t forget to ask their permission first! You can also learn the basic language spoken in the area, such as simple greetings “Hello”, “See you later”, and “Thank you”. This will also show that you respect them.
  1. Use Buses or Trains Whenever Possible
    Did you know that the carbon footprint of an airplane is much bigger than a bus or train? Aside from being able to have more time to enjoy the scenery on the road, you can also take part in protecting the environment!
  1. Choose Direct Flights If You’re Going to Fly
    If you really have to use an airplane, you can choose direct flights to reduce your carbon emission footprint. Not only that, you can also choose airlines who are actively using biofuels that are made from plant oils and agricultural waste. This will also reduce carbon emissions by up to 80%.
  1. Bring Pouches, Drinking Bottles, and Lunch Boxes
    Avoid using disposable packaging when you buy foods or drinks. You can switch to shopping bags, drinking bottles, and lunch boxes instead. These things are also available in foldable form to save space in your bag!
  1. Buy Foods from the Locals
    Trying the local dishes is always on the agenda of every traveler, right? You will be able to taste something that resonates with the community as well! And not only it is more fresh because they use ingredients from around them, it will also help reduce greenhouse gas emissions, because it doesn’t have to travel as far to arrive on your plate, and less packaging waste too!
  1. Buy Souvenirs at Local Shops
    By doing this, you will be able to support the economy of local residents! What’s more, you will be able to bring something that will remind you of the place you visit, especially if the souvenirs are the work of the residents’ hands.
  1. Always Care for The Surrounding Nature
    If you’re going to an area that is a home to wildlife, make sure not to get too close to them, or carelessly feed them. Use a low voice so you will not disturb them. Appreciate animals, because each species has its own function in maintaining the balance of the ecosystem.
  1. Avoid Leaving Traces
    When you’re hiking, make sure to always walk in the provided path. Not only is it safer for you, but it also protects the wildlife around you.
  1. Treat It Like Your Own Home
    Certainly, you will note change towels every day at home, do you? Also imagine the electricity bill that you need to pay if you leave the room without turning off the light and AC. Don’t forget to also use the water wisely when taking showers!
  1. Donate to Support Local Citizens
    Supporting the economic growth of local citizens is one of the positive impacts from your traveling activities. Did you know that you can save money while also donating to local residents in remote areas of Indonesia?

With DBS Green Savings, you can save for your next traveling needs while helping others, through the Yayasan Tangan Pengharapan. Half of your green savings interest rate will be donated to help supply boats and the motors to support transportation for teachers in Nabire, Papua. This donation will help them to easily go to the city for groceries and teach students on various islands.

Green Savings is one of the products from Bank DBS Indonesia which is encouraging its customers to embrace an eco-friendly lifestyle and sustainable investment. Currently, DBS Green Savings is partnering with Krakakoa in supporting the sustainability of cocoa farmers.

So, are you ready to travel and explore new places? Remember to try the tips above so you can be a responsible traveler towards your host and also the environment!