Current Account Regular

At a Glance

Cheque and bilyet giro are available

Providing You with cheque and bilyet giro in Indonesian Rupiah (IDR) for Your business transactions.

Competitive interest rates

Interest rates are calculated based on daily balance

Ease of transactions

Easy transactions at the tellers or automated teller machines (ATMs) connected to Bank DBS Indonesia and Singapore networks, as well as ATM Bersama, Prima, ALTO and PLUS networks.

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Features & Benefits

Conduct your business or private needs more smoothly with Current Account Regular from DBS Indonesia, with 12 currencies: IDR,USD, SGD, AUD, NZD,GBP, EUR, CHF, CAD, CNH, JPY dan HKD. Receive a comprehensive monthly report and competitive interest rates based on your daily balance.
  • Joint account facility is available.
  • Comprehensive monthly report that make it easier for You to monitor transactions in all Your accounts

Product Risk

  • Your saving is insured by Indonesia Deposit Insurance Corporation (IDIC) up to IDR2,000,000,000 (two billion rupiah) per Customer, or the applicable maximum guaranteed amount in the future, according to the IDIC Regulation.
  • If the Customer receives a saving interest rate from a bank above the maximum insured limit set by IDIC from time to time, the saving will not be included in the IDIC's deposit insurance program, according to the IDIC Regulation.


Any fees charges to this Current Account follow the terms and conditions of the applicable rates and fees.

How to Apply

Should you need more information, contact our Relationship Manager,

Locate us Or visit us at the nearest DBS branch in your town.