Flexible Mutual Fund Transactions

What is digibank Reksa Dana?

digibank Reksa Dana is an online Mutual Fund investment product that allows flexible optimisation to your portfolio strategy based on performance analysis and growth potential.


Product Benefits

Investor identity (SID) registration, subscribe, redeem, and switching on digibank by DBS Application

Products categorisation based on performance, popularity, and scoring

Set investment periodically by preference

Confident online transaction with the Safest Bank in Asia according to Global Finance for 12 years in a row

Types of Product

  • Money Market Mutual Funds have an investment portfolio that consists of short-term assets or less than one year, with high quality and liquid debt.

  • Fixed Income Mutual Funds mostly invest in fixed income instruments as its portfolio, such as securities and bonds, medium-term and long-term investments.

  • Mixed Mutual Funds are invested in various instruments such as money market, bonds, and equities.

  • Equity Mutual Funds are mutual funds which portfolio is mostly invested in shares of companies listed on the stock exchange.

How to Purchase

Cash Reward Program digibank Mutual Fund

Enjoy cash reward program at every purchase of digibank Reksa Dana products through digibank by DBS application. Applicable digibank reksa dana terms and conditions.

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