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Surat Berharga Negara (SBN) or Government Bonds are debt instruments issued by the Indonesian government, then offered to individuals in the public. SBN is one of the safest investment instruments due to its low risk.

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Gain yields up to 6.40%

Enhance your asset growth by investing in ORI025 Bonds.

ORI025-T3: 6.25% per annum, paid out monthly
ORI025-T6: 6.40% per annum, paid out monthly

Cash Reward up to IDR17 mio

Exclusively for new clients of DBS Treasures who invest in ORI025 with a minimum fund placement of IDR500 mio.

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Indonesian Government Bonds Series ORI

Is a government-issued debt instrument for individual Indonesian citizens (WNI) and can be traded on the Secondary Market. Its coupon payments and principal payments are guaranteed by law and budgeted in the annual state budget, making it relatively low risk.

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