Healthy Mind & Body
Healthy Mind & Body

On Friday, 1 May 2020, Bank DBS Indonesia held a seminar with the theme Healthy Mind & Body. In compliance with the government's appeal for social distancing to #staysafe, Bank DBS changed the concept of the event to an online webinar eTalk Series. This activity aims to provide views and guidance so understanding of COVID-19 and how to take preventive steps to face of this pandemic.

The 2 important takeaways to deal with this pandemic:
  1. Understand everything about COVID-19

    On 11 March 2020, the World Health Organization (WHO) announced the status of a global pandemic for the 2019 corona virus disease (COVID-19). In the case of COVID-19, WHO has designated this disease as a global pandemic because all citizens of the world have the potential to be infected with the COVID-19 disease while confirming that COVID-19 is an international emergency. This means that every hospital and clinic around the world is advised to prepare themselves to treat patients with this disease. This is a tough task for doctors and nurses who are at the forefront of dealing with COVID-19. In Indonesia, the government implements large-scale social distancing including an appeal not to return home during the holiday to prevent the spread of this virus to remote areas where medical and hospital personnel are less adequate. Even though the recovery rate for COVID-19 is quite high, we need to avoid the possibility of the disease occurring in large numbers at the same time, making it out of control.

  1. Fact & Myth breaking
  2. Myth: Sunbathing with temperatures above 25 degrees Celsius can prevent the spread of corona. Fact: Basking in the sun or with temperatures above 25 degrees Celsius cannot prevent the spread of the Covid-19 virus.
  3. Myth: The corona virus can be transmitted through mosquito bites. Fact: Until now, there is no evidence that the corona virus can be transmitted through mosquitoes. The current evidence shows that the corona virus spreads through droplets of people who are positive for COVID-19.
  4. Myth: Body temperature detectors or thermal scanners are not effective at detecting someone infected with the coronavirus. Fact: Thermal scanners are effective in detecting a person with a fever and has a higher than normal body temperature. The symptoms of someone experiencing COVID-19 are similar to someone who has a fever.
  5. Myth: Using alcohol or chlorine throughout the body will not kill viruses that have entered the body. Fact: These compounds are very dangerous and need a recommendation from medical personnel. Please avoid applying excessive disinfectants.
Holistic preventive measures - Body, mind & financial
  1. FOR BODY, dr. Vito share 7 Steps to protect yourself in the Corona Era:
  2. When you return from traveling, wash your hair before meeting people at home
  3. Soak clothes that have been used outside in detergent
  4. Wash the objects you carry on the trip (ballpoints, cellphones, bags, etc.) with alcohol
  5. Consume lots of fruit and vitamin C and drink ginger
  6. Consume plenty of protein
  7. Exercise regularly
  8. Get enough sleep
  9. FOR MIND, Anjasmara recommend regular breathing exercises and yoga movements can strengthen the body's resistance and help the mind stay calm and focused.
  10. FOR FINANCE , Rheza Karyanto share that Manulife - MiTreasure Flexi Assurance provides additional protection for customers infected with COVID-19
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Not only that, you also get various other protections, such as:
  1. Life protection for up to 110 years
  2. No Lapse Guarantee (active policy guarantee) for 10 years
  3. Investment allocation of 100% from the 2nd policy year
  4. Option of additional benefits for reimbursement of hospital and critical illness expenses.
*terms and conditions apply

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