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Aplikasi digibank by DBS
Aplikasi digibank by DBS

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Phone Instruction

DBSI Customer Centre
DBSI Customer Centre

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RM WhatsApp

Discuss your financial strategy further with the Relationship Manager via WhatsApp and stay updated on the status of the transactions made via Phone Instructions.


digibank by DBS Application

Daily Transactions

  1. Real time & online.
    Transfer your funds safely and efficiently in various regions in Indonesia with the Transfer feature in the Application digibank by DBS.

  2. Sistem Kliring Nasional (SKN).
    The interbank transfer system starts from IDR 10,000 up to IDR 200,000,000 (two hundred million Rupiah) in Rupiah currency. This online system is easy to use and save your time.

  3. Real Time Gross Settlement (RTGS).
    The fastest way to send funds in large amounts starting from IDR 100,000,000 (hundred million Rupiah) with delivery times starting from 1 hour.

  1. Just click on the application without going to the branch.
    Transfer anytime and anywhere for all your business or personal needs. Send money to family, relatives, or business partners just click on the digibank by DBS Application.

  2. Product Benefits

  3. Easy Way to do Transfer Valas from digibank by DBS Application

  4. Find Out More.
    For further information about Transfer Valas feature, please click here.

  1. Features & Benefits.

    Now is the era of e-Wallet.
    Whatever your e-wallet, make a quick top-up by using the Digibank Application by DBS. Top up using Bayar & Beli feature from your smartphone with #OnlyOneHand.

    Top up in your hand.
    Top up balances from your smartphone that can be done via the digibank by DBS Application are:

    1. Phone Credit (Telkomsel, XL, Tri Prepaid, Smartfren, Indosat).

    2. Electronic Money (LinkAja, PayPro, XL Tunai, DOKU, GO-PAY , OVO).

    3. Cinema (XXI-MTIX, CGV PAY).

    4. E-Money Card.

    5. PLN Prepaid.

    6. Data Plan (XL MDS).

    Pay Monthly Bills.
    Pay all your monthly bills ranging from BPJS, PLN, up to a credit card with no late and without queuing, simply click on one application.

    1. Credit Card.

    2. Cashline.

    3. Public Services (PAM-Aetra, PAM-Palyja, PLN-NonTagLis, PLN-Post Paid, Telkom PSTN, and XL).

    4. Cable Television (First Media, MNC Play, MNC Vision, Orange TV, Telkom Vision).

    5. Insurance (BPJS Kesehatan).

  2. Find Out More

    For further information about Bayar & Beli feature, please click here.

Wealth Accumulation

  1. Liquid Products for Your Everyday Transactions.
    Investing in Savings products is one of the effective solutions to secure your funds and make it easier for you to carry out daily transactions.

  2. Ease of Transactions.
    Ease of transactions through tellers or Automatic Teller Machines (ATMs) connected to the PT Bank DBS Indonesia and Singapore ATM networks, as well as the ATM Bersama, Prima, ALTO and PLUS networks.

  3. Fees & Rates.
    Every fee charged to this savings account follows the terms and conditions of the applicable rates and fees. Click here for more information.

  1. Save 10 Foreign Currencies in 1 Account.
    Managing liquid funds requires the right strategy. Now we present, accounts with 10 different currencies (USD, SGD, AUD, NZD, CAD, CHF, GBP. EUR, JPY, and HKD).

  2. Product Benefits

  3. How to Open Rekening Valas & Valas Conversion

  4. Find Out More.
    For further information about Rekening Valas feature, please click here.

Wealth Development

  1. Investments starting from Rp 1 mn are just a click away from the application.
    Open a deposit simply through the digibank by DBS Application, you can have a deposit anytime and anywhere.

  2. Interest Rate up to 3.50% p.a.
    Enjoy interest up to 3.50% p.a. for your deposit. You can see complete information about deposit amounts and interest rates here.

  3. How to have Deposits in the digibank by DBS Application.

  1. Investment products guaranteed by the Government of the Republic of Indonesia.
    Debt issued by the government in order to get funding. The bond issuer will repay all debt securities issued at maturity, with a rate of return over the term of the bonds.

  2. Benefits of Investing in Primary Government Bonds.

  3. How to have Primary Government Bonds in the digibank by DBS Application.

  4. Find Out More.
    For more information on the Primary Government Bonds feature, please click here.

  1. Access various Secondary Bond products starting from IDR 1,000,000.
    Debt issued by the government in order to get funding. You can buy this product starting from IDR 1,000,000.

  2. Product Benefits.

  3. Secondary Bond Products.

  4. Please click here for Secondary Bonds placement terms & conditions.

  5. How to have Secondary Bonds on the digibank by DBS Application.

  1. Mutual Funds pool the capital of a group of investors to be managed by Investment Managers into an investment portfolio.

  2. Access a wealth of Mutual Funds investment products starting from IDR 100,000 (onshore) or 10,000 USD (offshore).

  3. Product benefits.

    Products categorisation based on performance, popularity, and scoring

    Register, subscribe, redeem, and switching in one application

    Periodic investment to your preference

  4. Product Type and Portfolio Allocation.

    • Money Market Mutual Funds in short-term assets.

    • Fixed Income Mutual Funds in fixed income instruments.

    • Balanced Mutual Funds in a combination of various asset classes.

    • Mutual Fund Shares in shares of companies listed on the stock exchange.

  5. The terms and conditions for digibank Mutual Funds placement can be found here.

  6. How to buy digibank Mutual Fund.

Wealth Control

You can still access the monthly checking account quickly, easily and safely, we provide e-Statement facilities. e-Statements can be accessed via the digibank by DBS Application or can be sent directly to your e-mail address registered with the Bank and protected by a password.

For sending e-Statements to e-mail addresses, you can register e-Statements through the DBSI Customer Center at 1 500 327 or +6221 298 52800 (from abroad) during operational hours, from 07.00 - 20.00 WIB.

How to Register digibank by DBS Application

Download Now

Open Now If you have digibank by DBS Application.

Download Now If you do not have digibank by DBS Application.


Phone Instruction

Conduct easier investment and other banking transactions over the phone via Relationship Manager without the need to fill out and submit printed forms.

  1. Available Transactions.

    • Subscribe, redeem, switching of Bonds, Mutual Funds, Capital Protected Funds, and Structured Products.

    • FX transactions.

    • New placement, renewal, maintenance, and break Fixed Deposit.

    • Debit card VISA/GPN creation, maintenance, dan replacement.

    • Additional account request.

    • Overbooking under same CIF.

  2. Terms & Conditions.

    • Customer need to complete, sign, and submit the authorization form of Phone Instruction.

    • Phone Instruction transactions only valid via Relationship Manager.

    • Valid for subsequent transactions.

    • The facility is only applicable for Clients of DBS Treasures and DBS Treasures Private Client.


DBSI Customer Centre

Contact the DBSI Customer Centre by phone 24/7 at 1 500 327 or +62 21 2985 2800 (from overseas) for complaints, inquiries, and requests below:

  • Account Related.

    • Account balance and status inquiry.

  • digibank by DBS Application.

    • digibank Primary Account linkage or changes.

  • Facilities/Privileges.

    • Information on facilities and privileges of DBS Treasures and DBS Treasures Private Client.

    • Airport Assistance reservation.

  • Combined Statement and Letter.

    • Re-registration and cancellation of e-Statement.

    • Resend e-Statement or hardcopy of Combined Statement.

    • Request for Fixed Deposit Placement Confirmation Letter placed through Branch Office.

    • Request for Tax Deduction Slip (Witholding Tax).

    • Request for Bank Reference Letter.

  • Debit Card.

    • International Usage Activation Request.

  • Credit Card.

    • Credit Card application status.

    • Information on Credit Card products, features, and programs.

    • Block and unblock Credit Card.

    • Credit Card replacement.

    • Registration and cancellation of e-Statement.

    • Permanent or temporary Credit Card limit increase.

    • Bill printout date adjustment.

    • Monthly bill registration.

DBSI Customer Centre can also provide assistance for banking transactions through digibank by DBS Application.

  • Account Related.

    • Dormant account activation.

    • Bank DBS inhouse fund transfer.

    • External fund transfer.

    • Fixed Deposit placement.

  • Debit Card.

    • Debit Card replacement.

    • Debit Card activation.

    • Debit Card blockage.

    • PIN reset or change.

    • International Usage Activation Request.

  • Data Maintenance.

    • Mobile phone number update.

    • Email address update.

    • Mailing address update.

  • Combined Statement and Letter.

    • Access Savings e-Statement.

    • Confirmation for Fixed Deposit placement through digibank by DBS Application.

  • Wealth Product.

    • Access product holding information.

    • Registration of SID (Single Investor Identification).

    • Purchase, Switching, and Redemption of Mutual Funds.

    • Purchase and Redemption of Bonds.

  • Credit Card.

    • Access Credit Card balance information.

    • Access the last 10 transaction information.

    • Card Activation and PIN Registration.

    • Permanent or temporary Credit Card limit increase.

    • Credit Card bill payment registration.

Video Conference

Enjoy the convenience of purchasing protection products to cover all stages of your life, available from anywhere through Video Conference.


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