5 Reasons Why Unit Trusts are Like Buffets
05 Nov 2019

5 Reasons Why Unit Trusts are Like Buffets

Join the investment game by trying a bit of everything. Units trusts (also known as funds) are a great option to consider if you’re like that hungry foodie who needs a taste of every dish.

1. They come with good spread
When it comes to investing, diversification is always a good way to balance risk and reward in your portfolio. Unit trusts are exactly that, offering a varied selection of investments so you don’t need to pick them individually.

2. You can choose one to suit your taste
Unit trusts let you invest across a wide range of markets, industries and sectors. They also come with varying risks and rewards so you can always find something to suit your appetite:
Fixed Income Funds: Funds that invest in bonds and payout a fixed amount on a fixed schedule
Equity Funds: Mutual funds that invest primarily in stocks
Balanced Funds: A mix of bonds, equities and commodities

3. It’s Put Together by Professional
A fund manager takes care of your unit trust investments – watching the market, selecting investments and adjusting the mix continuously. With access to investment information and research, he can decide on the fund’s strategy and make sharp long-term decisions to manage the funds.

4. You Get Variety at Affordable Prices
Buffets offer a huge variety at a price significantly lower than if you had ordered all the items à la carte. Similarly, unit trusts enable you to invest in a suite of assets that can include blue-chip stocks at an affordable price, starting from as little as IDR 100,000.

5. Cash out when you’ve had your fill
It’s entirely up to you. Most unit trusts are not locked in for a definite period and can be sold and converted into cash at any time. So, invest as much as you are comfortable with, using a timeframe that suits you.

Get Your First Bite With a two-pronged Approach

1.Give yourself a head start Jump the queue and get into it with a lump sum from your bonus, inheritance or savings.

2. Grow it steadily Keep the momentum you’ve got going, by adding to the pot with regular monthly contributions.

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