FX Forward

Protect your business from currency volatility

FX Forward

Protect your business from currency volatility

At a Glance
Protect your foreign currency receivables and payables from exchange rate volatility with a FX Forward contract. FX Forwards fix the exchange rate for a particular date in the future, whether it’s days, months or years. The exchange is completed on that date at the pre-agreed rate, regardless of the prevailing market rate.

Quick exchange

Exchange foreign currencies in a short space of time

Wide range of currencies

Access to more than 40 currency pairs globally through our FX channels

Variety of currency solutions

From vanilla FX conversions to more complex solutions, our specialists will be able to address your needs

Stay in the know

Get the latest market insights from over 100 analysts

Leverage our expertise

We help you identify and hedge against the potential risks of doing business overseas

Competitive pricing

Benefit from our strong market position and extensive network in multiple FX markets

How it Works


if you expect to receive a USD payment from an overseas buyer in a month’s time, you will need to exchange such USD proceeds into IDR in a month’s time. However, you may also want to hedge against USD depreciation in the interim. That’s why you may wish to enter into a FX Forward contract as below:

Spot date: 8 January 2013
Spot rate: 9623.00
Value date: 1 month later (8 February 2013)
Principal amount: USD 1 million
Forward rate: 9622.00


How to Apply

Please contact us at:

  • 1500 327 (if you are in Indonesia)
  • +6221 2988 4000 (if overseas)