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Digital Business

Multi-Currency Account

Suitable for

  • start-ups with low minimum balances

  • Mostly transact online

Everything you need for a trading business

Minimum balance

IDR 500,000 or USD 50

IDR 10 mil

Minimum initial deposit

IDR 500,000 or USD 50

IDR 10 mil

Currencies available


12 currencies including IDR, SGD, USD

Monthly account fee



Fall-below fee

IDR 50,000 or USD 50

IDR 100,000

Internet & Mobile banking
(IDEAL™) fee



Security Device

Unlimited FREE digital tokens (authentication using your iOS or Android device)

Unlimited FREE digital tokens (authentication using your iOS or Android device)


100 FREE
local transactions via SKN on IDEAL™ per month via cashback

  • 2 free cheque/Giro books

  • 30 free SKN & RTGS, or

  • 50 free SKN & RTGS if bal > IDR 1bil

  • OTT: USD 25


< IDR 100mil: 0.75%
IDR 100mil to < IDR 250mil: 1.5%
IDR 250mil to < IDR 500mil: 1.75%
IDR 500mil to < IDR 1bil: 2%
IDR 1bil to < IDR 2bil: 2.25%
≥ IDR 2bil: 2.5%

< IDR 250mil: 0.5%
IDR 250mil to < IDR 1bil: 2%
IDR 1bil to < IDR 2.5bil: 3%
IDR 2.5bil to < IDR 5bil: 4%
≥ IDR 5bil: 5%

FX rates

Standard rates

Preferential rates on DealOnline, DBS FX Trading platform

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Dedicated relationship manager to provide one-stop solutions


Transact on-the-go with free mobile banking app. View DBS accounts across countries with a single login

DBS PriorityPay

Beneficiary receives payment within 10 minutes when you transfer funds to your DBS Business Account in Singapore, China, Hong Kong, India and Taiwan on IDEAL™

DBS BusinessClass

Exclusive access to events and a community of Asia's business masterminds with DBS BusinessClass

DBS BusinessAccounting

Lower rates to specially selected solutions i.e. Accounting and workspace to help you go further, faster

Get in Touch

DBS BusinessCare: 1500-327

Get in Touch

DBS BusinessCare: 1500-327

Looking to take your business to the next level?

DBS Accurate

Connect your DBS business account to Accurate online for free to automate your reconciliation. DBS customers get 3 months’ free to Accurate Online.

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