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The Digitalization of Food Stalls Ecosystem to Accelerate Post-Pandemic Economic Recovery

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About 74% of retail businesses in Indonesia, with a value of around USD 267 billion, occurs on traditional channels, 60% of which are food stalls. These food stalls have also become the main distribution channel, with a contribution that is four times higher than e-commerce’s to the country’s GDP. Warung Pintar Group is taking the key role in digitalization of all food stalls ecosystem. It offers an integrated business solution with a vision to create technology-driven inclusive economy in Indonesia. Warung Pintar Group’s digital solution is designed to be a fundamental strength that is most needed in accelerating the national economic recovery, particularly in traditional channels.

Warung Pintar Group aims to solve problems not only on the business side of food stalls, but also in a comprehensive way within the ecosystem as a key contributor to the retail sector. Currently, Warung Pintar Group has 4 key digital solutions that integrate all players within the foot stalls business ecosystem in Indonesia, starting from the food stalls or convenience store owners, the wholesalers, the distributors, and the brands. The 4 solutions are: Aplikasi Warung Pintar, Aplikasi Grosir Pintar, Warung Pintar Distribusi, and Bizzy Connect. Each strategically supports and strengthens the connectivity in the supply chain from upstream to downstream.

To date, the Warung Pintar applications have been used by 160,000 food stall owners, who conduct transactions actively to fill their stocks. These applications enable orders, product tracing, and manage the food stall performances. Several features of Warung Pintar applications are: Catatan Pintar (digital transaction notes), Iklan Pintar (placement of brand advertisements for additional income), Komunitas Pintar (community development program to improve the capacity of stall owners), and Bon Pintar (access to venture capitals with Buy Now Pay Later payment method in collaboration with CICIL). These features have improved the stalls’ efficiency by 40%.

“As an integrated business solution platform, we appreciate DBS Bank’s support for Warung Pintar’s vision. We can now focus on product development to provide significant impact to more stalls,” Warung Pintar Group’s CEO, Agung Bezharie Hadinegoro, said. Moving forward, Warung Pintar hopes to keep collaborating with DBS to accelerate the digitalization for stalls all over Indonesia, and to grow the economy in a more significant way under the largest distribution challenge in the country.

DBS bank supports Warung Pintar to grow into a comprehensive digital solution for the traditional market distribution ecosystem. Such as by brainstorming and opening access to potential investors within the DBS Indonesia partners or clients. 
At the beginning of the Covid-19 pandemic, 93% of food stall owners experienced a 28% decrease in sales. That’s when Warung Pintar started to focus its services to help solve the main problems during the pandemic. Now, a number of global brands have digitalized their distribution system using Warung Pintar, including Coca Cola Europacific Partners and Reckitt.

“By joining Warung Pintar as a stall owner, my business grew bigger. Now I can sell efficiently because I don’t have to leave my stall or pay for transport. The prices of wholesale and the stock of goods are much better now,” says Andi Saputra, a stall owner.

Digitalization for all business actors in the food stalls ecosystem enables more people to collaborate and help accelerate post-pandemic economy. So far, Warung Pintar Group has been able to achieve growth in food stalls membership of 100 times between early 2020 and 2021 — from 5,000 to become 500,000. This implies that 1 out of 7 stalls in Indonesia is within Warung Pintar Group’s network, of which 160,000 of them are active users who conduct monthly transactions and are ready to compete in this post-pandemic market.