It is my pleasure to warmly welcome you to the DBS family. My team and I look forward to building a rewarding long term relationship with you.

My team and I are delighted to announce that we have successfully transferred ANZ Indonesia’s retail and wealth business. We believe you may be keen to know more about DBS, which is why we have created this website specially for you.

This website will keep you informed on our benefits, how we build relationships with our customers and help you grow your wealth. Please read on to find out more about us, our capabilities and the new benefits you can expect.

We are committed to providing convenience in our banking services, and strive to work with agility and innovation to bring satisfaction to our customers.

Once again, welcome to DBS!

Paulus Sutisna
President Director PT Bank DBS Indonesia

A few key milestones in the coming months

2 January 2018

Once all approvals are obtained and the transfer date is confirmed, ANZ will send you a Transfer Confirmation Letter containing information on the Transfer to DBS.

10 February 2018

The Transfer to DBS begins

Welcome to DBS!

12 February 2018

Your account has been transferred to DBS and you can access your DBS accounts on 12 February 2018 from 8.30am onwards.

12 February 2018 onwards

Details of your new banking relationship with DBS will be sent to you.

Continue using your existing ANZ Credit Cards until you receive your new digibank Credit Cards from DBS.

ANZ Debit Cardholders will need to register via the digibank Mobile Banking Application or visit any DBS branch to receive the new DBS Debit Card.

ANZ Debit Cardholders can use their existing ANZ Debit Cards at more than 80,000 DBS, ALTO, BERSAMA and PRIMA ATMs across Indonesia and 2,300,000 ATMs on the VISA PLUS worldwide network

From 5 March onwards, DBS will send your Statement for 10 - 28 February 2018.

Leading up to the Transfer

Highlights to Note

The transfer process of PT Bank ANZ Indonesia’s Retail and Wealth business ("ANZ") to PT Bank DBS Indonesia ("DBS") (the "Transfer") will take effect on Saturday, 10 February 2018, subject to the successful Transfer process between ANZ and DBS (”Completion Date”). Should there be any changes to the date and time of the Transfer, we will notify you separately.

  • Access to DBS banking services: As we transfer your ANZ account(s) to DBS, there will be some interruption to your banking services. You will have access to DBS services from Monday, 12 February 2018. Please click here for the most updated information on DBS’ service availability.
  • Foreign currency arrangements: Please withdraw foreign currencies in advance if you’re planning to travel overseas from 9 – 11 February 2018.
  • Tax Withholding Slip: Please request and keep your 2017 final tax withholding slip from ANZ before the Transfer for convenience during your 2018 tax reporting.
  • Statements: Please keep a copy of your ANZ statements, e-statements and account balances from the last 12 months for easy reference.
  • Online payees: Please keep a copy of your online payee set-up for easy reference when setting up in digibank Mobile Banking Application after the Transfer.
  • Fund transfers: All existing recurring and future dated fund transfers in ANZ Digital Banking will not be transferred to DBS. Please set this up in digibank Mobile Banking Application after the Transfer.

We Know You Have Questions

The Transfer of ANZ’s retail and wealth business in Singapore, China, Hong Kong, Taiwan and Indonesia to DBS will enable DBS to further strengthen its wealth management and retail banking service in Asia.

After the transaction is concluded, customers in Indonesia will have access to DBS Group’s network of more than 280 branches across 18 markets, including 33 branches in Indonesia.

ANZ and DBS target to complete the Transfer in Indonesia in February 2018, or at a later time as will be notified to you.

Your relationship with ANZ will remain the same in the short term. You can continue to enjoy ANZ’s products and services, including branch offices, ATMs and Digital Banking.

ANZ will provide written information on the Completion Date. On that date, all banking activities of ANZ’s retail and wealth business will be transferred to DBS; and your ANZ accounts and banking activities with ANZ will be transferred to DBS.

Your banking relationship with ANZ remains the same for now. Applicable terms and conditions, payments, interest rates, fees and benefits will continue to be effective until further notice.

Your banking relationship with ANZ remains the same for now, including your Relationship Manager.

After the Transfer, you will receive a DBS Welcome Letter with details of your new banking relationship with DBS.

For Signature Priority Banking customers and Private Banking customers, many of you can look forward to have your existing Relationship Manager continue to manage your account at DBS.

All ANZ customers will have their new accounts prepared by DBS on the Effective Date of Transfer.

Product and services offered by ANZ remain the same for now, all loan applications will be processed according to applicable terms and conditions.

After the transfer to DBS, ANZ Internet Banking and Mobile Banking will seize to operate and you will not be able to access them anymore. Customers will have access to DBS’ comprehensive banking service

DBS Group is honored to be recognised as the Bank of the Year, Asia by The Banker, a member of the Financial Times Group in 2012, and Best Bank in Asia-Pacific by Global Finance in 2014. The bank has also been named "Safest Bank in Asia" by Global Finance for six consecutive years from 2009 to 2014.

Going Forward

After the Transfer, you will receive more information on your account and your new banking relationship with us.

ANZ General Banking customers and ANZ Signature Priority Banking customers will join the DBS Treasures, and ANZ Private Bank customers will join DBS Treasures Private Client.

ANZ Personal Banking
customers with ANZ credit cards and/or Moneyline and/or Personal Loan only

digibank by DBS
ANZ General Banking*
ANZ Signature Priority Banking

DBS Treasures
ANZ Private Banking

DBS Treasures Private Client**

*Qualified ANZ General Banking customers will be invited to join DBS Treasures. Please contact your Relationship Manager for more information.

**ANZ Private Bank customers under corporate banking will be transferred initially to DBS Treasures Private Client. To better support business transactions, such customers will subsequently be transfered to DBS Business Banking.