DBS KTA up to IDR 300 Million

At a Glance

Interest starts from 0.88% per month


Flat instalment until end of loan tenor


Loan amount up to IDR 300 Million


Flexibility to choose your loan tenor up to 36 months


Terms & Conditions for Blibli e-Voucher Program

Terms & Conditions for Blibli e-Voucher program up to IDR 1 Million:

  1. Program period: 1 April 2021 - 30 June 2021

  2. This promo is valid for customers who:

    1. Applies and receives confirmation SMS for his/her DBS KTA application sent by Bank DBS Indonesia ("The Bank") during the program period (1 April - 30 June 2021) and;

    2. His/her application has been approved by The Bank on 9 July 2021 at the latest.

    3. Has minimum loan limit of IDR 50,000,000 and maximum loan limit of IDR 300,000,000.

    4. Performs payment of the first month instalment on time according to its payment schedule.

  3. Customer will receive e-Voucher Blibli in IDR 200,000 - IDR 1,000,000 denominations based on the disbursed loan amount.

    Loan Value  E-voucher Value 
    >IDR50,000,000 – IDR100,000,000 IDR200,000
    >IDR100,000,000 – IDR200,000,000 IDR400,000
    >IDR200,000,000 – IDR250,000,000 IDR750,000
    >IDR250,000,000 – IDR300,000,000 IDR1,000,000
  1. Blibli e-Voucher will be delivered 2 months after the first instalment is received. This program is not valid for payments that are received after due date.

  1. e-Voucher Blibli will be sent to customers through SMS and email that are registered at The Bank.

  2. e-Voucher that are sent to customers will solely be customer’s responsibility. Customers are discouraged to disclose his/her e-voucher details to any person to prevent misuse.

  3. e-Voucher will expire within 30 calendar days after delivery date, and e-vouchers can no longer be used thereafter.

  4. Customers may not obtain replacement e-vouchers in case his/her e-voucher has expired.

  5. e-Voucher cannot be exchanged with cash.

  6. By joining this program, customer has read, acknowledged and agreed all the prevailing terms and conditions, including but not limited to the general terms related to the use of e-voucher in e-commerce platforms.

  7. If The Bank indicates any fraud, The Bank has the right to review and decline customer’s participation in the program with notification as stipulated by laws.

  8. The Bank has the right to review or adjust the terms and conditions of the program with notification to customers as stipulated by laws.

  9. Customers herein agree to release The Bank from any claim, charges of loss and fees that may arise, experienced or burdened at present or future as and when not caused by The Bank’s negligence. The Bank herein agrees to release customers from any claim and charges for loss and fees that may arise, experienced or burdened at present or future as and when not caused by customers’ negligence.

  10. For more information, customers can call DBSI Customer Centre 08041500327 or +6221 29588888 (from outside Indonesia)

  11. This term and condition prevails according to the laws and regulations including the rules stipulated by the Financial Services Authority (OJK).

PT Bank DBS Indonesia is registered and monitored by the Financial Services Authority (OJK).

General Eligibility

General Eligibility


Indonesian citizen minimum 21 years old, and maximum 55 years old


Minimum gross monthly income

IDR 20,000,000

Minimum credit card limit

IDR 30,000,000

Minimum employment tenor

Minimum 5 years of permanent employment status

Minimum active credit card ownership at other banks

36 months

Document Requirement



Original Application Form


Copy of ID card


Copy of Credit Card


Copy of Tax File Number (NPWP / SPT PPH 21)


*If necessary, The Bank may require additional documents
Interest Rates


Approved loan amount

Interest rate (flat / month)**


IDR 5 – IDR 75 million


> IDR 75 – IDR 125 million


> IDR 125 – IDR 200 million


> IDR 200 - IDR 300 million


Bandung & Surabaya

IDR 5 – IDR 300 million


** All interests are indicative per month. Interest calculations are subject to loan principal value, interest rate per year and instalment tenor (in months).


Annual Fee

1st Year*

1.75% of approved loan amount

2nd Year**

IDR 65,000 per year

Admin Fee*

IDR 399.000,-

Transfer Fee for Loan Disbursement*

IDR 30.000,-

Late Fee

Minimum IDR 250,000 or 6% of every late monthly instalment payment

Stamp Duty****

IDR 10,000,-

Early Repayment Fee

8% of the remaining loan amount and other fees

Cancellation Fee

8% of the remaining loan amount and other fees

Fee for Declined Cheque/Giro/Direct Debit

IDR 50,000 for every decline

Insurance Premium ***

1% of the approved loan amount

Fee for Excess Repayment Return

IDR 150,000,-

Admin Fee for Excess Repayment*****:

IDR 100,000,-

* Fee will be deducted once at the beginning upon approved loan amount.
** Added on instalment payment on the 13th month and/or instalment on the 25th month and/or so on.
*** Premium will be charged if customer participates and opts in protection facility.
**** Charged during application and disbursement above IDR 5,000,000
***** Fees will be deducted every month for DBS KTA that has been closed and has excess repayment.
The Bank can at anytime adjust and/or add new terms and conditions for DBS KTA loan application.