Money Market Funds Investment with DBS Treasures

Short-term Investment Portfolio

Suitable for investors looking for a short-term investment (under 1 year).

Receive principal on maturity

Providing liquidity of funds and creates wealth preservation.

High quality securities

You will receive Treasury Bills, Deposit Certification and commercial document.

Understanding Money Market Funds

Investment is one of the most effective ways to ensure an established future. Among the types of investments, you can consider the Money Market Funds. It comprises of short-term investments which last less than 1 year, representing high quality securities, short-term debt using assets that are more liquid, and monetary instruments. It is considered a low risk investment.

Criteria of Money Market Funds Investment

Suitable for investors who wants to lower their investment risks and find an alternative liquid investment. This fund also offers a slightly higher profit potential compared to fixed deposits.

Features & Benefits of Money Market Funds

  • Low risk assets

  • Higher profit potential compared to Fixed Deposit

  • No disbursement and subscriber fee

  • 100% money market asset composition

How to Invest in Money Market Funds

Enjoy the suites of benefits of investing in Money Market Funds by joining DBS Treasures as a priority banking customer, with a minimum fund placement of IDR 500 million. Gain an intuitive wealth management strategy, so you can make accurate and timely decisions confidently.