Live Forward
Thank you for participating in the eTalk Series webinar on Thursday, 6 August 2020.

DBS Indonesia provided information regarding the investment climate during this pandemic and the opportunities to re-evaluate your portfolio in order to re-strategized your financial plan to maintain optimal asset growth in achieving whatever your current and future financial goals are.
  1. This pandemic affects all levels of society in all industries and has a significant economic impact. This has become a wake-up call for many people, especially in understanding the importance of proper asset management, in order to achieve cash flow and financial goals amidst the demands of life's necessities and challenges that must be resolved.
  2. The need for cash/liquidity needs to be supplemented with endeavors so the cash can grow. You can use Rupiah and other foreign currencies. With foreign currencies, apart from earning savings interest, volatility also provide the opportunity for the value of money to increase with currency appreciation.
  3. Savings in foreign currencies is important so that the lifestyle that requires them can be maintained. Some of the foreign currencies that we can save include USD, AUD, and SGD. These three currencies are widely used for transactions and necessities such as payments for children’s school abroad and plans for traveling.
  4. The amount of foreign currency that we save should be adjusted to our needs and abilities.
  5. To develop investments with measurable risks under current conditions, you can invest in Indonesian Government Bonds in both Rupiah and USD. Measurable risk because investment in Government Bonds is guaranteed 100% at the maturity date of the bonds and this is written in the law regarding government bonds. In addition, Government Bonds also provide coupons to add to your cash flow or can be reinvested so that the total accumulated investment return can increase.
Bank DBS Indonesia makes it easy to manage and grow your funds through the digibank by DBS application, including to manage your Foreign Currency account and Secondary Market Bonds through digital.
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