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11 Jul 2023

Planning for a Child's Education at a Prestigious School wit

Child education is a strong foundation to support them with better future. Therefore, you should know the list of prestigious schools that can be considered as options. As for the expenses, there's no need to worry because you can start preparing for them well in advance through Fixed Income Mutual Funds.

List of Top Prestigious Schools

If you plan to enroll your child in a prestigious school, it is advisable to research the list of top senior high schools beforehand. Here are some of the best prestigious schools released last year in 2022 by the Institution of University Entrance Exams (LTMPT):

●       Katolik St. Louis 1 Catholic High School

According to LTMPT, St. Louis 1 Catholic High School ranks second nationally and first in the province as the best school in the country. The school offers science (IPA) and social sciences (IPS) major specializations. Historically, the school has close ties to the development of the church in Surabaya, and it is located in the same building complex as the Sacred Heart of Jesus Cathedral and Soverdi.

  • Pradita Dirgantara High School

If you're looking for a boarding school, Pradita Dirgantara High School is a suitable option. This school is known for its high level of discipline and independence, fostering self-reliance in students from an early age. As the name suggests, the school has an aerospace focus and is located in the Adi Soemarno Airport Complex, Solo.

Based on the average scores of the 2022 Joint National Selection for State Universities (UTBK) in the field of Social Sciences and Humanities, Pradita Dirgantara achieved the highest score throughout Indonesia. As for the average scores in the category of Science and Technology, it ranked fourth nationally.

●       SMAN 8 Jakarta

SMAN 8 Jakarta is one of the most favored public schools in Jakarta, and possibly across Indonesia. Most of its graduates are admitted to the best universities in the country. According to LTMPT data, SMA 8 Jakarta ranks fifth nationally and first in the province.

The school is also popular for having many alumni from the entertainment industry, including Sheila Dara, Indra Herlambang, Nicholas Saputra, and more. It has also achieved numerous awards, including a bronze medal in the International Olympiad of Metropolises in 2020.

●       Labschool Kebayoran High School

Another recommended prestigious school is Labschool Kebayoran in South Jakarta. It ranks sixth nationally and second in the province as one of the best schools in Indonesia. Historically, SMA Labschool Kebayoran was the Laboratory School of IKIP Jakarta, which later became Jakarta State University. In 1999, the school changed its name from TK, SLTP, and SMU IKIP to TK, SMP, and SMA Labschool Kebayoran.

  • Kanisius High School

Kanisius is a private Catholic high school in Jakarta. It is ranked seventh nationally and third in the province according to LTMPT. The school, established in 1926, offers six science classes (IPA) and two social sciences classes (IPS). To facilitate the teaching and learning process, it provides 24 classrooms equipped with glass boards and smart boards. Other facilities include a soccer field, rock climbing wall, sports hall, and other supporting learning resources, aiming to help students discover and develop their potentials.

Preparation for Entering a Prestigious School untuk Masuk Sekolah Unggulan

The student admission process for prestigious schools is known for its somewhat complex system. Students will go through stages of administrative selection and various types of tests. The types of tests that need to be prepared for include academic ability tests, interviews, skill assessments, and psychological tests.

Therefore, both the child and the parents should prepare various things well in advance to achieve good results in the tests. The following tips may help you and your child to successfully pass the entrance examination for a prestigious school.

  • Firstly, decide on which prestigious school. After that, you can search for various requirements and registration procedures. Generally, these schools have social media accounts that provide the necessary information. If you need comprehensive information, it's worth visiting the school.
  • Estimate your child's academic grades to determine if they meet the administrative requirements. You can check the minimum average grades required by the school.
  • If the report card grades meet the requirements for registration, prepare yourself for various entrance examination stages at the chosen prestigious school..

Since the number of students vying for admission to prestigious schools is expected to be high, your child needs to be prepared to compete based on their academic grades and test scores. Therefore, continue to support your child to keep learning even after the national exams are over.

By instilling good study habits, your child will become accustomed to utilizing their time for productive activities when they enter a prestigious school.

Investing in Fixed Income Mutual Fund to Support Your Child's Education

It is undeniable that the cost of education for children is increasing each year. Not only the expenses for higher education, but the costs for secondary education are also becoming more expensive, especially if you choose a prestigious school that offers the best and most comprehensive facilities to support your child's education.

Investing in mutual funds, specifically through the RDPT (Fixed Income Mutual Fund), is a wise choice to prepare for your child's future education expenses. By starting early, as a parent, you will feel more comfortable and secure in the future. So, in addition to saving through other investment forms, you can allocate a portion of your funds to invest in RDPT.

Investing in education through the Fixed Income Mutual Fund also offers advantages to investors. It's important to note that the majority of assets managed by Investment Managers in RDPT are debt instruments or bonds. In terms of risk factors, this type of mutual fund has relatively low risk compared to investing in Equity Mutual Funds.

Due to its low risk, RDPT is suitable as an investment choice for short to medium-term education goals. Therefore, you can allocate your assets for your child's school expenses through investments in the Fixed Income Mutual Fund. Moreover, this instrument has high liquidity and can be easily liquidated when the investment goal is achieved.

Another advantage of the RDPT instrument can be seen from a tax perspective, as it is considered a tax-exempt investment. Investors do not need to worry about tax deductions when investing. All profits obtained will remain intact without any tax deductions.

In terms of security, there is no need to worry. RDPT is regulated by the Financial Services Authority and the Investment Managers play a crucial role in managing the funds. The performance of the mutual fund will be reflected in the performance of the Investment Manager.

This is also an advantage of mutual funds compared to other investment instruments, where investors do not need to worry about managing their money. All funds invested will be managed by professional and experienced Investment Managers.

Prepare Your Child's Education Fund with Easy Investing

The increasing cost of education has made many parents reassess their financial strategies. One of the ways to address this is by investing in Fixed Income Mutual Funds (RDPT). In addition to having lower risk compared to other investment instruments, RDPT offers relatively higher returns compared to placing assets in deposits or Money Market Mutual Funds.

To make investments easier and more convenient, you can invest in RDPT with DBS Treasures. Here are some of the advantages and conveniences provided:

●       Professional Investment Management

Whatever investment option you choose will be managed by professional Investment Managers, ensuring optimal performance of the selected Mutual Fund.

●       Gain Insights as Your Investment Guidance

There is a reliable and proactive team of financial experts who provide market analysis and up-to-date investment opportunities.

●       Reduce Risk Through Diversification

Diversify the allocation of your funds across various types of investment assets to reduce risk.

●       Accurate Preferences

You will be supported by curated market analysis from financial expert teams. Get the latest opportunities tailored to your risk profile and portfolio needs, driven by Artificial Intelligence/Machine Learning (AI-ML). Your financial planning will also be accompanied by curated investment (Grow) and insurance (Protect) solutions, enabling you to invest quickly and confidently through preferred channels.

There is no need to hesitate because DBS Treasures is directly supervised by the Financial Services Authority (OJK), ensuring that you will have a safe and comfortable investment experience while preparing the best education fund for your child. You can check the terms and conditions for investing in Mutual Funds with DBS Treasures here, and find more detailed information.